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How it Should Happen

by on August 21, 2012

Mites had a scrimmage in Canton tonight at the Mills Pond Recreation area.  I’ve circled the dog and leash; the woman is out of frame.  Can you imagine?  A football scrimmage and a dog, right next to each other? Gasp!

Most towns have people who are willing to share their recreational space.     It’s too bad that a few people in New Hartford aren’t willing to do that.

Maybe they should leash their dogs and walk in, say “hi” and watch practice.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    I’m not sure why this is an issue- or why it keeps surfacing. We have people walking their leashed dogs during practice at Brodie South every night. Many families have pets. Some families with pets play football. Some families with pets might not play football, but continue to walk Brodie South while football practices, and I have seen some stop to watch. This picture could have been taken at Brodie South any night of the football season. Let’s move on.

    • Move on? Gladly. As soon as the attacks stop. 😉

    • jessalvarez permalink

      Anonymous – Dogs are allowed at BPS during practice? The FoBPS sent letters to all dog owners in town saying they weren’t allowed in the park. Is it possible they would have misrepresented the truth to garner support? This is not over only because the FoBPS and NH+ won’t let it go away until BPS is permanently held for passive recreation only. I hope that you don’t know any children that want to play sports in New Hartford that may need to use BPS ever. When NHYF&C move to Antolini in a year or two and soccer needs a place to play, the FoBPS will be there to stop them.

  2. I’d love to move on. I’d like Maria Moore and New Hartford Plus to move on. To the contrary, she continues to use her blog New Hartford Plus to wage a battle to stop all active sports at Brodie Park South as evidenced by two posts there in the past week.

    Football families know that she and her “FoBPS” unrelenting campaign caused huge problems with the the program this past spring, and they are still concerned that without the time to attend every town meeting, the same thing could happen.

    The youth sport that draws the short straw and has to practice at Brodie South after the Antolini field is complete will have to face the same onslaught, and we think it should end.

    Sharon Wilbur


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