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More New Hartford Elementary Schools Controversy

by on August 3, 2016

The swing line in population between Bakerville and New Hartford schools has been used since we moved here, back in the 70’s.   This is an annual adjustment to equalize the sizes of classrooms.  It hasn’t been used for a few years lately because of Superintendent changes, etc.  The swing line is determined by Datco, based on the most efficient transportation routes.  It can’t be put out for volunteers, because of transportation routes.

There are enough first graders in town to have four classes, and a teacher was added for that purpose.   Letters went out on 7/29 from principals, claiming that three of the first grade classes would be at Bakerville (after the BOE was told that there was no room for the extra class at BAK), each with 15 students (that’s per the Save Bakerville School page post), and one first grade class at New Hartford Elementary School with 20 students.  That setup screams for a swing line adjustment to even class sizes.

So they attempted a swing line adjustment.   I’m just doing the math here, and I could be wrong, but that would put 27 kids in 1st grade at NHES in 2 classes, and 38 in Bakerville School in 2 classes.  Maybe there are a couple more kids in that swing, but I’m just going by the numbers presented.  They should swing enough so there are about 16 in each class, 2 at NHES and 2 at Bakerville.

When the letters were mailed by the Superintendent to seven families on the swing line saying that they would move to NHES, six of the Bakerville School families refused.   That refusal leaves us with the unequal distribution we started with.

I’m sure that many parents in NHES, and others in town, who voted for the Bakerville School to remain open had no idea that there would be a total lack of cooperation in equalizing classes.   They’ve just made their own best argument for consolidation.  If we can’t operate under the parameters we have and allocate our resources evenly to both schools’ students, how is that fair?  How is that looking out for the best interest of the children?

There is a Board of Education Meeting August 19.   The Board of Education members are doing the best they can and are being stymied and maligned at every turn.  The Save Bakerville School folks are still fighting consolidation at board meetings, as the study for population growth in town is ongoing.

It’s time for NHES parents to say “enough.”  We should fight for the kids.  Support your Board of Education.



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  1. They “refused”? Maybe they should be told that their children’s classroom placement is not negotiable.

  2. They obtained doctors’ note excuses.


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