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We’ve lived in New Hartford since 1977.  Dwinal and I raised three children here.  All three  went through Pine Meadow Elementary, Ann Antolini, and Northwest Regional, and went on to college.  All three participated in sports both in town leagues and on school teams.

One daughter and her husband have chosen New Hartford as the place to raise their three children, and moved back to New Hartford several years ago.

We now get to watch our grandchildren in town sports, joined by many others watching their grandchildren, who were with us as parents watching their children years ago.

We have an opportunity to present the positive values taught in their many activities, and we accept the challenge gratefully, as do our three daughters, Krista Maloney, Stephanie Gorman, and Jessica Alvarez.

  1. Chris Valko permalink

    I just posted the following on NH+… Can’t wait to see if it makes the cut…:

    I stopped posting on this site a while ago when I realized how slanted it was…but now that anonymous has identified himself it confirms my thoughts…as an asst coach of the NHYFC I can guarantee that the practice schedule given was the actual schedule…some people may arrive early to enjoy the park with their kids but practices are as listed by the president of NHYFC…And dont worry I’ve copied this post and forwarded it to the beacon because I know that NHPlus won’t post information that is contrary to their agenda…

    As you can see they were told if would be forwarded…can’t wait to see if it’s published…as always always open you name being listed on a factual news site

    • Thanks Chris! She posted it!

      We’re in Disney (we go to FL when FL comes to CT, go figure), with Mike & Krista & The kids.

      Trying to get one of my girls who are home to write a post just educating Maria about football field size. Not a lot of places big enough. She seems to think it’s 100 ft not 100 YDS plus an end zone.

      I believe you are an automatic poster for me! It should have gone up on the Beacon automatically, and all my girls help write & moderate.

      Thanks much for the heads up!


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