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A Video Is Worth A Thousand Words

by on August 20, 2012

While we tend to not want to direct traffic to the volumes of misinformation published by that other town blog, this merits some attention.  This is a perfect and clear example of the deceptive lengths that the Friends of Brodie Park South will go to stop children from using a town park. 

I know all too well that you get banned from commenting on NewHartfordPlus when you point out that she contradicts herself.  Here is an example in action.  This is a reminder of the “smoking gun” video that they brought to the February Recreation Committee meeting to prove how much allowing active recreation was disturbing to the neighbors.  This is a video taken by the Friends of Brodie Park South, one in which the person taking the video was lurking around the woods with the camera, sticking the camera in kids faces and scaring them – understandibly upsetting many of the parents. 

In case you don’t have time to watch this entire video, the FoBPS presentation starts roughly at 3:35.  Please listen to what they presented to the commission.  Between 6:00 and 7:00 minutes, they start to have some technical difficulties.  Comments following are from a neighbor who says that the noise is actually louder than this in her yard, a claim which she repeats again at 13:15.  Of note also in this video is at roughly 7:45 when Recreation Commission Chairman John Maschi explains to the Friends of Brodie Park South that the park can and will continue to be used by kids who play sports, and at 9:15 when First Selectman Dan Jerram says that new field space does not appear overnight, that it is a monetary issue in a tough economy, and that they are working to move Football to a “less contentious location,” but that will take time and money. 

I implore you to listen to the video below that Ms. Moore recently posted of her walk from the yard of a neighbor of Brodie South, through the park around where the kids are playing.  This video was taken as an attempt to prove the point that the noise of active recreation is distressing to the neighbors of the park.  Please compare the volume in both videos and make your own conclusions about whether or not the Friends of Brodie Park South misrepresented youth sports and outright lied to the Commission.  Determine how for yourself how disruptive the noise of youth sports practicing in a town park actually is to neighbors and anyone walking around the 150 acres of the park not being used by New Hartford Youth Football and Cheer. 

I will note in this video that you can see the cars pulled safely off the road.  You can see the Football parent that was assigned to assist in the supervising the parking situation to ensure safety walking up and down the street and helping families get on their way.  In fact, the most dangerous part of this video is Maria herself taking video while walking in the middle of the road, when a passerby has to kindly ask her to step off the side so she doesn’t get hit, at 34:30.

After her walk through the park, when she makes it back out towards the parking lot at roughly 31 minutes, practice is already over and cars are leaving.    At 37 minutes, she announces 8:00.  At 42 minutes, she announces, “8:05; I guess that our First Selectmen is going home too” when First Selectman Dan Jerram leaves.  At this point, I will note that there are very few cars left, and it is clear that practice has been over for a while.  At 46:50, she announces that it is 8:10.  At 47:40, 50 seconds later, it is 8:12, as she announces the last car to leave the practice area, clearly still before dusk. 

Is this another smoking gun?  Will the Friends of Brodie Park South be playing this video for the Recreation Commission?


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  1. I’m not sure if NH+ is making money on people accessing their youtube videos, but here is a link to how to make money posting your clips on YouTube:
    Let’s not give them the opportunity to make money.

    • jessalvarez permalink

      They probably do. Somehow they are now raising enough to rent office space downtown.
      As I said, I dont like directing traffic their way. But exposing such an obvious example of their deceit might stop future traffic. Who knows, maybe an advertiser will see this post and decide that NH+ isnt the type of establishment they want to support…

  2. I cannot believe that she actually posted that to try to make it look bad when kids are practicing in a field. It is now so obvious that NH+ faked the noise in the first video, and seriously obviously that cars going by make more noise than football practice. Maria, get a life.

  3. I guess I don’t get the point. All it proves is their prior video was altered. Which we already knew. What I find distressing in that video is that nothing happens. I will never get that five minutes of my life back. THAT is distressing. I have a neighbor that shoots off a canon. Yes, a canon. Am I being a PITA about it? No, it’s perfectly legal here and frankly, it doesn’t bother me. The traffic going by that house is louder than the practice. Her footsteps are louder than the practice. The birds and crickets are as loud as the whistle. Not distressing at all. No sympathy for living in a house across the street from a peaceful park which happens to have youth practice for a couple of months out of the year. Oh the horror of the sounds of families enjoying the park! I would actually enjoy those sounds.

  4. jessalvarez permalink

    By the way, I count 17 cars parked on the side of road, maybe another 10-12 in the parking lot. There are a few parked in the field as well which we can’t see on the video, but it is clearly no where near the 75+ cars NH+ and the FoBPS repeatedly state are parked there causing a dangerous traffic situation. And this is the first day of practice, when most parents show up. As the season goes on, significantly less parents stay through practice.

    I think admission of perversion of the truth and a public apology to the Rec Commission and NHYF&C is in order. Anyone agree with me?

    • A public apology was in order long ago. But don’t hold your breath. Maria will never admit that there are a fraction of the claimed 75+ vehicles parked, even though we can see them and count them with our own eyes. Her eyes are on the prize, which, judging by her actions & statements, is the end of youth football in New Hartford. What a strange lady.

  5. Jim Fitzgerald permalink

    I cannot believe this ongoing saga with NH+ and the incitement of innocent people, creating an atmosphere of vulnerability amongst the residents by creating false and misinformation. Shame on the NH+ blogger for this manipulative approach and negatively affecting all parties associated with kids and sports. These kids deserve the same opportunities of enjoyment and passion in their recreational desires. There is no harm done other than the continued bashing to these innocent kids, parents and coaches and town supporters by the NH+ blogger.

  6. I’ve seen Blair Witch. It’s probably some of the worst videography I have ever seen in my life. Kind of makes you seasick. Walking and videotaping is a no-no. It’s just not possible to watch without becoming nauseated.


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