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Youth Sports Stands To Lose Field Space

by on March 29, 2012

I am attaching a copy of the minutes of the February 1st Recreation Commission Meeting, because I don’t think Youth Sports recognizes the danger to practice field space that these few “Friends of Brodie Park South” represent.

This was the meeting where FoBPS member Jeff Radwick played his obviously sound enhanced video at max volume to try to demonstrate how loud football really was.  He then requested that the Recreation Commission “cease all active recreation at BPS.” 

FoBPS has been told by the Recreation Commission Chairman, John Maschi, the First Selectman, Dan Jerram, and many others that Brodie South was bought for and will continue to be used for organized sports, period.  They have refused to accept that answer.

It has been said that it will take some time to get the field space at Antolini ready for NHYFC, and even when it is ready for them, other types of teams will need to use the field space at BPS for practice, because no one will be able to use the space for a year while the grass takes root.

If your children are involved in Youth Sports of any type, you are in danger of finding yourself in the same boat, without practice space for the kids because of this small but vocal group of people. 

The Recreation Commission will meet April 4th at 7:00 p.m. when the special commission set up to rewrite the rules will present them.   Please get involved.

Rec Commission Minutes


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