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Fighting the Computer . . .

by on August 23, 2014

I forgot how irritating new computers can be, and how difficult it is to get things to work.  It’s 8:56 pm and I have pretty much had it for the day.

I bought a new laptop because the old one was dying.  I managed to get all of my data back on it and reinstalled the programs.  It never fails, though, that those things just don’t run the same any more.

I chickened out and bought a Windows 7 machine.  I’ve been listening to all of the complaints about Windows 8, and this is not a time in my life where stress is welcome.  Well.  That worked out as planned.

I use Photoshop CS4.  I have the disk still, so I installed it off the disk with my Key, and everything looked fine.  That was until I tried to open a raw photo that I downloaded off my camera today.  Imagine my surprise when Photoshop refused to open it!

I’ve had that copy of Photoshop for four years.  I’ve been opening raw photos off of this camera for two years on this version of Photoshop that is installed on my old HP.  Now for some reason it only opens CRW (is that Nikon?) on the new machine and not CR2.

It’s time to go relax with a book. Grrrrrr!

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