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The Best Choice for New Hartford is An Easy One

by on October 23, 2013

I can say enthusiastically that Dan Jerram and Alesia Kennerson deserve to be re-elected in New Hartford.

I’ve lived in New Hartford for 36 years.  All of our children were raised here and I continue to marvel at the wonderful support the community gives to its families.  This is a great town in which to raise a family.

Dan’s attention to improvement of the Town’s recreation assets is evident from Brown’s Corner to the Field House at Brodie Park.  Without spending a ton of money he has prioritized and overseen repairs.

Brown’s Corner sat in an under construction state for years, with huge gravel piles and machinery in what was to become the parking lot.    Somebody needed to just take charge and get it done.  Dan was that somebody.  Brown’s Corner is now a facility that we can point to with pride when out-of-town folks come in.   The Field House in Brodie Park was falling in.   It was obvious that if the building was to be saved, it had to be fixed.  With Dan it’s always “we can do this.”

As a way to resolve conflicts a number of neighbors had with football practicing at Brodie Park South, Dan got involved.  With a cool head and the ability to come up with alternative solutions, the Selectmen and the Recreation Commission reviewed town field assets.     The solution came with the start of construction of a football field at Antolini School.   It is this spirit of cooperation and resolution that gets things done.

During Dan’s tenure as First Selectman, we had two significant events causing widespread power outages that lasted several days.  The first one was an October snowstorm that paralyzed the state.  The power company’s responses were under attack, crews were not managed effectively by the company and what started out as a confusing mess became organized when Dan got involved.   He started updating us on how many crews we had and where they were working.  In the second outage caused by Hurricane Sandy, Dan was on it from the beginning, updating people on Facebook sometimes twice a day, letting us know where the crews were working and where they planned to go next.   We had a significant unnamed rain event recently that washed out roads.   The repairs were made and roads reopened quickly.

He has worked hard on a situation with the sewer plant upgrade cost distributions that he inherited from the previous administration.   The increases in commercial development and utilization of the plant and planned expansion to other areas, which were made when the plant was planned, never materialized giving us excess plant capacity without the new users to pay for it.  I have complete confidence in Dan’s ability to resolve the situation fairly, without subjecting the town to litigation.

Always sensitive to the needs of taxpayers, Dan is talking to townspeople to get a sense of what they want to do about  a costly bridge repair and the planned security improvements at the schools.   The meeting will be scheduled within the next two to three weeks where options will be discussed and explained.   Nobody can honestly say that there is a communication or openness problem with this administration.

At town volunteer events, Dan and Alesia can be seen working alongside volunteers.  They are always open to ideas and can always be reached when there are problems.

Dan & Alesia have been good for New Hartford.  I believe they deserve another term.  I will be supporting them and the entire Republican Team.


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