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A Little Bit of Snow . . .

by on February 9, 2013

It’s Saturday afternoon.  Dwinal has been in the driveway with the snowblower since 8:00 am.  Lost a shear pin, but once fixed it worked a lot better.   Stef shoveled the path to get him to quit.   He just quit (2:00 pm) – “It’s good enough” he says.  And it is.

Johnnycake Lane pre-plow.  There are footsteps in the snow, made by our friend Brittany Sherwood and a friend, with Remy, who decided to take a walk and walked down Highland, unplowed, up 219, and then up Johnnycake which was also unplowed, then back through the field, which probably still had 30 inches of snow.  Those girls can eat anything they want tonight and they’ll lose weight!


Saw the new snowplow this afternoon!  New TruckLooks pretty cool!  There was close to 2 feet of snow on Johnnycake when it came up, and it cut through it like a hot knife through butter.

There was time for some fun.  Our Coonhound grand-dog had some fun “swimming in the snow.  Otis Mia and Stef are holding him.  Otis is not smart enough not to run into a snowblower.  StefMiaandOtis


Good riddance, Nemo.  I’m sure that movie will be wrecked for me forever.

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