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by on February 3, 2013

Reblogged from September 26 – Val Richard photograph of a moose on Cedar Lane, to correct inaccurate credits in another local publication.













This photo of a young bull moose was sent by Valerie Richard.  He was photographed on Cedar Lane this past Sunday morning.  He appears to be wearing a gps tracking collar.

I was told by DEP that there is a small biological study going on, and it is indeed a tracking collar.  I was also told that there are probably between 200 and 400 moose in CT, spread throughout the state.  Since we have very few highways and acres and acres of woods and ponds in our area, moose may do well here compared to more urban areas.

Keep your camera’s ready!

Note:  You may have seen this picture reprinted in the Republican American, in a story about a moose at Fairview Farms, in Harwinton.  It’s too bad they didn’t note that it was a New Hartford sighting they used.

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