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by on January 31, 2013

The New Hartford Women’s Club is offering a scholarship open to a local woman who wants to return to school to further her education or vocational training.  Application Deadline is March 31.

This scholarship has been created to encourage self-sufficiency and ability. It is directed toward the woman who has returned, or is returning, to school after several years’ absence. It is to be used in any manner that will enable the woman to take a vocational or academic course that will either help her return to the work place or help her to be more successful in her employment. For example, the money may be used for tuition, babysitting, books, or transportation. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of need, special situations (e.g. single parent, family medical problems, etc.) and promise of successful completion of the chosen course or programs. All information received from the applicants will be kept confidential; the names of applicants are also confidential and will be known only by the Education Chairperson(s). Members of the New Hartford Women’s Club are eligible to apply, but are not given preferential treatment. The successful applicant must show proof of enrollment prior to receipt of the scholarship funds.

The application can be located here:  Adult Scholarship Application

Or can be accessed at

Please mail completed application to

New Hartford Women’s Club c/o Kathryn Itter

438 West Hill Road

New Hartford, CT 06057


by March 31. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kathryn at

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