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Rec Commission Meeting December 5

by on December 1, 2012

I really thought New Hartford Plus would stick to the truth in their print media, but it appears I was mistaken.

They are again claiming that lights were used for at least two hours a night, three nights a week, for 3 1/2 months, even after Maria herself filmed practices through most of August and is fully aware there were no lights.  The biggest “danger” to traffic during that time was Maria herself, walking down the road with her camera, trying to film the children.

There is a Recreation Commission Meeting this Wednesday; I am not yet sure of the location because the Recreation Department website lists the last meeting as March of 2012, and I can’t find the info online tonight.  I will post a follow up when find out about the location.

Twelve people should not be able to dictate the use of a parcel of property that was bought in the 1980’s for recreation.  Please support your youth sports teams.


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  1. Lori Roth permalink

    unfortunately, that is the night of our football banquet….. had I known this was going to rear it’s ugly head again, I would have changed the date- please, those that are involved in other youth sports, plan to attend the meeting to show support of all of NH Sports as she has made it perfectly clear that soccer and other sports are next on her hit list.

    Lori Roth

    • I should have known that – I’m babysitting for the two younger ones. I’m thinking – will talk to folks. The Grinch should have waited. We were all having such a great time with our families.

  2. Rick Berneike permalink

    I have it directly from Dennis Minor (Rec Director) that Brodie South is NOT going to be on the agenda for this months meeting. No need to show up to meeting if this was your only reason.

    • Thank you, Rick. It was going to be tough with the awards going on same night. That will make a lot of folks feel better.


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