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Nocturnal Visitors

by on October 22, 2012

How cute is this guy?  I’m wondering what he’s after.  It was really nice of him to pose so perfectly!  I’m guessing grey fox because of the color of the legs.

We see these gals all of the time, day or night.  They love the apple trees, and if you look at the trees now, anything below 3 feet off the ground is stripped of leaves.

Here a raccoon wanders across the camera’s path.


One Comment
  1. I would guess gray fox because of the face, as well as the small size. The red foxes I’ve seen are much bigger than that (30-almost 40lbs), with long legs and larger heads. They do come in all colors though. I’ve seen blonde, red, brown, some with gray, some with black legs and some that don’t have the black legs. One followed Sean home at night and sat down & looked away every time he turned around to see how close it was. He thought it was funny because it reminded him of a small dog that was pretending not to follow him – like in old cartoons. It wasn’t sick, we have a healthy family that lives close by, they’re curious but still shy.


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