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The Park is Being “Invaded” by Children

by on October 12, 2012

In the latest online post by the NewHartford Plus crew, we are told that children playing youth sports in a public park is an “invasion”. I repeat…

Children playing in a town-owned park, with permission, is an INVASION.

The author of this article goes on to say that the residents that live near Brodie Park South need to be protected from these “invasions”, i.e., children, and questions those who are being paid in town to protect them from such dangers. Children are actually characterized as some sort of a public nuisance, one from which people need protection.

The most recent evidence of the great dangerous invasion is the presence of soccer goal posts. I’ve said in the past and will repeat, this issue will not go away when new field space becomes available and football can finally move away from this toxic situation pushed by the unrelenting actions of Friends of Brodie Park South and New Hartford Plus.

Now this once internet blog is a printed “newspaper” that is being mailed to 3,500 homes in New Hartford and Barkhamsted on a weekly basis. They now have the platform to spread their one-sided vitriol to thousands of unsuspecting residents. Their publications of half-truths and blatantly false accusations blaming the football organization for all kinds of atrocities have been documented here many times, and we refer you to the archives. We’re getting tired of beating that horse on the front page.

If you aren’t involved with the football program or youth sports of any kind, and don’t feel threatened by this activity, just imagine what will be printed and mailed to every household concerning politics, budget concerns or any other town hot topic, unopposed. This abuse of journalism is a potential threat to every person in this town if people act based on misinformation.

The costs of producing, printing and mailing these weekly papers are said to be covered by advertisers. If you agree that our children should no longer be harassed and maligned by this manipulative blog disguised as news, stop by and let them know.

It would be wonderful if New Hartford Plus tried to be an independent news source that covered all meetings and town events. Unfortunately, they don’t. What we have now are people who attend meetings and use their platform to manipulate and spread misinformation to forward their personal agenda and mold public opinion, without admitting to editorial content.

We don’t think editorializing is dangerous as long as it is labeled as such. To try to make it pass as news is a disservice to the public.


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  1. again, they remind me of the child catchers in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang… unbelieveably sad that they are missing out on the joys of life, but to force others in missing out is outrageous. Sad, sad little people. A retirement community seems in order for them.

  2. Diane permalink

    The New Hartford Plus comes in my mailbox and goes right in the garbage pail…not even worth recycling….children are not an invasion, they are a precious gift from god….I think these people should find something better to do….retirement community does sound like a good idea…

    • I do believe that if the children love New Hartford when they are growing up, many will stay here. That’s what keeps a town alive. We do want New Hartford to stay alive. We are invested.

  3. jessalvarez permalink

    Just a note, someone commented on NH+ to indicate that the “soccer goal posts” are not soccer equipment, but makeshift goal posts for the football players to practice kicking field goals. No correction or apology from the editor yet, I will wait.


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