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Another Fine Day for Football at Brown’s Corner!

by on September 16, 2012

I must say, it’s not easy to get into these games on Sunday.   The Brown’s Corner parking lot seems very small when South Windsor or other towns come to visit!  I would like to invite any parents of the A, B or C team, who may want to write short summaries of their games, with pictures, to contact me at  I was there for the Mighty Mites game, but was at my parents’ house earlier.  We even talked my Dad into going to watch.  He has a great grandson on the Wolverines Mighty Mites.

When we drove into Brown’s Corner, we had to drive around twice to find a place to park, and parked in a spot that might not have really been a spot, but it was out of the way.

The crowd was really engaged; the game was great.    The New Hartford Wolverine Mighty Mites took an early lead, and held the South Windsor Panthers in some pretty fantastic defensive play.  In the second half, South Windsor got their defense on, too, so nobody scored in the second half.  We almost got one, when Stonewell Grant broke loose and ran 35 yards and crossed the goal, but the officials had thrown a flag, and called it back.  I’ll leave the kabitzing on whether or not it was a good call to the guys.  🙂

Where else can you go on a fantastic fall day, get the best a snack shack can offer, pulled pork, chili, homemade mac and cheese, hotdogs, chili dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, candy or caramel apples, sweets, sodas and water or coffee and tea, and watch some really good football?  Yes they’re younger, but they have great coaches and are learning the game, and playing it pretty well! 

We had a fantastic day, and would like to thank the New Hartford Wolverines for a great family day!


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