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Action Wildlife Goshen, CT

by on September 7, 2012

Summer is winding down, soon to be replaced by fall, but the kids are back in school, so it feels like it’s here already.

A short time ago, we went with the grandkids to Action Wildlife.  It was a fun day with lots to look at and lots to learn.  The kids have been there several times, but they wanted us to go with them.

The museum and exploration center has several taxidermy exhibits showing many different kinds of animals in habitat.  Below are a couple of pictures from that exhibit.













In case you see one of these cats in person, (and you have to be quick) the top one is a Bobcat, which is common to the area.  You can see the tufts on the cheeks and he just looks so cute.  The tail can be slightly longer.   There is nothing cute about the last photo in the group, the Mountain Lion.  His face is narrow and his tail is long.  Much scarier.















In this activity, they stick their hand in the opening in front, guess what it is, and then they can open the door on the top to see if they were right.

After this, we were on our way outside to see American Bison, Ibex Goats, an Ostrich, Simitar Oryx, a Water Buffalo, many other kinds of goats, horses and ponies and many other species not listed.  There is even a wild boar.

You can drive through the area, park on the side of the roadway and get out to look at the animals throughout the outside of the park or you can walk it.  There is a longer “safari” ride, that runs through a more wooded area where more animals can be found.

The petting barn is a big hit with the kids.  There are several small animals in the barn that they can feed.  A cup of grain can be had for $1.00 and a bottle for $3.00.  All proceeds from admissions and the price of the feeding items goes towards the cost of caring for the animals.  There was even a young inquisitive Llama.














Fall hours are listed on the website at, as is information about a hayride that operates in the fall.

If you’re looking for something fun to do some fall weekend day, remember Action Wildlife is lots of fun.

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