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A Forest Stewardship Plan

by on August 16, 2012

It is unseemly that New Hartford Plus would point to a Forest Stewardship Plan as proof that Brodie South is only to be used for passive recreation, as to do that would lead a reader to believe that the author of the article does not understand the word “forest.”

I’ll produce a quick definition, as defined by CT State Statutes: “The statutory definition of “forest land” (found in Connecticut General Statutes (CGS) Sec. 12-107b) is as follows: . . . any tract or tracts of land aggregating twenty-five acres or more in area bearing tree growth that conforms to the forest stocking, distribution and condition standards established by the State Forester . . .and consisting of . . .

(A) one tract of land of twenty-five or more contiguous acres, which acres may be in contiguous municipalities,

(B) two or more tracts of land aggregating twenty-five acres or more in which no single component tract shall consist of less than ten acres, or

(C) any tract of land which is contiguous to a tract owned by the same owner and has been classified as forest land pursuant to this section.”

The part about tree growth conforming to “the forest stocking, distribution and condition standards” requires a certified forester to determine. New Hartford hired a certified forester who came up with the report Ms. Moore uses as her “proof.” He was asked to, and he created a report detailing steps to attain the goals stated by the town, including timber harvesting and advising on forestry practices that would preserve the forest, something that New Hartford wanted to do. The report does not in any way recommend field preservation guidelines.

To take Ms. Moore’s statement as some sort of disqualification for youth sports using the mowed field (not the set aside area which is unmowed meadow) for practices is ludicrous.

There is another point that is constantly misrepresented by New Hartford Plus AND Friends of Brodie Park South, that Brodie Park South has traditionally been use for “passive use only.” Brodie Park South has been used for practices for youth sports teams for more than 20 years. I’d call that traditional active sports use, since pre 1992 is pretty close to acquisition.


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