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Football Practice In Week Two

by on August 15, 2012

Football season is in full swing, and we’ve moved on to week two of practice.  The kids have donned pads and helmets and are happy to be learning the game.

The weather has been behaving remarkably, and the program has been doing its best to be good neighbors, adhering to the requests of the Recreation Commission.

The teams are  divided among two fields behind the row of trees, to diminish the sound heard directly across the street.

They have spread the word to all parents in the program that there should be no parking along the road past the park or across the street from the park, and that all parking should be done with headlights facing toward the field to eliminate lights shining into neighbor’s houses as we exit our spots in the evening.  Volunteers are helping to direct the traffic as we exit from the park at the end of practice. 

We all hope that these measures will lessen any impact on the neighborhood.  If any difficulties do arise, please let us know (contact information is on the NHYFC website – link at upper right), and we’ll do our best to remedy the situation.

As long as the Antolini field completion progresses as planned, our practices at Brodie South will soon be a memory of days past.

Krista Maloney


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