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Zoning Enforcement Officer Issues Decision on Football Use of Brodie Park South

by on July 17, 2012

Brodie South Field Area © Sharon Wilbur 2012

Rista Malanca, the Town of New Hartford’s Zoning Enforcement Officer, has denied a request by the attorney hired by Friends of Brodie Park South, David Hoopes, that asked her to “consider the use of Brodie Park South as a ‘practice facility’ for NHYFC and that this use be designated as an ‘Outdoor Recreation Use,’ which requires a special exception.”

According to her, the use by New Hartford Youth Football and Cheer, which is a youth sport activity approved by the Recreation Commission, is a permitted use by right in an R-2 zone for a Public Park, which Brodie South continues to be, and no special exception is required.

She also opines that the pod and the light plant are not “improvements” because their presence within Brodie Park South is a temporary condition.  They therefore don’t require any action by the Zoning Commission.

The letter and its attachments can be accessed here: nhyfc_decision_letter

Hopefully, this will put the matter to rest, and all of us can enjoy our summer with our families, and look forward to some Wolverines’ Football at their Brown’s Corner games in the fall.


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