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New Hartford Plus Editor Continues Football Attack

by on June 27, 2012

Maria Moore, Editor of New Hartford Plus is continuing a one-person attack begun somewhere back in 2010 or 2011, to try to get football shut down. I say shut down, not moved, because yesterday she made her intentions clear.

At last evening’s Board of Selectmen’s meeting, she presented the Board with a letter. In the next to the last paragraph she clearly states that football should move to another location more appropriate to its needs and that they should not hold practices after dark, like “other active sports in town.”  (Editor’s note:  I have been told that Ms. Moore did not attend the meeting.  The letter was  sent to the First Selectman, but not discussed.   A reprint of the letter appears on her blog, New Hartford Plus.)

Football games are played September – November. Practice, because of the shortening days, has to take place after dark. If they can’t practice after dark, they cannot safely play in games against towns that do practice.

Posted pictures are captioned with the time listed as “dusk,” while although the shadows are a little long, the sun is clearly out. Dusk does not fall at 6:30 in August. Dusk, according to Webster is “The darker part of twilight especially at night” and “darkness or semi-darkness caused by the shutting out of light.” Since by her own admission the sun sets in August at 8:45, 6:30 is not even close to dusk.

I appreciate the concern she’s expressing for the safety of our children (sarc off) but any attempt to fix the “jutting rocks, uneven field, lighting and parking on a permanent basis would elicit howls of protest.

On June 25 the Republican American by Debbi Morello covered the situation with a headline “Football, cheerleading in legal scrimmage.” In it the situation with Friends of Brodie Park South (whose members specifically avoid identification so they don’t point out how few of them there are), want football moved now, not when the field at Antolini is ready, regardless of any compromise attempted by Football. Compromise is a strange word, since Football was the only one to change anything.

There’s a fracture all right. Whether it’s being fanned by New Hartford Plus to boost website hits or they have an anti-sports agenda, we all know where it’s coming from.

I wonder what people in other towns must be thinking about New Hartford right now. I wonder how many people who might be thinking of moving here will think that there is too large an anti-kids element to make it attractive here.

Editor’s note:  I know that CTYFL requires the towns to pay for insurance for liability and medical insurance, and the money is paid to CTYFL who carries the coverage, per the bylaws.  I know that the Wolverines pay money for that coverage.  I’m not sure how much if any the town pays, so am waiting for information before I address the insurance aspect that Ms. Moore talks about in her post.

  1. NH+: New Hartford's Own Anti-Children Blog permalink

    When confronted by a resident living near NH Elementary with concerns about noise & traffic if Football was to move there, the editor of NH+ stated that she has always supported a move to Antolini, not NH Elementary. We knew that not to be the case then, and its even more apparent after her post this evening. She infers that the Board of Finance (which she is on) and the taxpayers will not support paying for the fields at Antolini. She has already tried to cut funding once. She doesn’t want Football at BPS, she says she doesn’t support a move to NH Elementary, she doesn’t want them at Antolini. I’ll be interested to see what response the request gets this evening, especially what commentary we hear from the newest member of P&Z – the husband of the editor of NH+.

  2. stephaniegorman permalink

    Clearly she doesn’t want football anywhere in New Hartford.

    Maria, if you’re reading this, football isn’t going anywhere. Period. If you keep pushing this you’ll likely find the solution to be unfavorable to you. Does New Hartford have to conform to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements when constructing new fields? I don’t know, but it’s a question that must be asked because the Antolini field space is not exactly something that can be ramped. Brodie Park South may end up being New Hartford’s new sports complex if that is the case. The neighbors, wildlife and the kids will have only you to thank. Patience is a virtue. You don’t have it.


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