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Required Activities

by on June 25, 2012

There is always that time when summer begins, that everybody has some very special thing they like to do.   It’s usually something that marks the beginning of summer for them.

For a couple of years we went to Ogunquit, and stayed at the Norseman on the Beach, and the year we missed, we all really missed.  It was like summer never started. This year, we made it a point to go back.  We missed one daughter and her husband, who are home with their Treeing Walker Hound, Monte, who is sick.  We missed them and send our prayers.

I took these pictures at the Norseman, from the deck in front of our room.  When the tide is out, it is very far out.  When it is in, the water is within 20 ft. of the deck.  If there’s a storm, it’s really fun!  You get to watch the waves lap at the bottom of the deck.

It’s not far, about 3 hours away, and well worth a visit.  The water, be warned, is about 57 degrees in late mid to late June.  While a couple of our party went in, most pictures of the water will be empty of bathers.

Mine! Mine! Mine!

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