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More from the Anti-Sports Folks

by on June 11, 2012

The Editor of New Hartford Plus continues her crusade to force Youth Sports to look elsewhere for playing space.

I would like to point out, that a meeting was held on May 15, where representatives from Friends of Brodie Park South, Football and the Rec Commission sat down and discussed their concerns.  I would also like to point out that Football has a plan that addresses those concerns.  The details of that meeting are here, and it’s worth reading, because the field space discussion takes place again here.  SpecialRecMeeting51512

This past week, the Recreation Commission met, and the discussion continued.   See post on the Recreation commission meeting here:  All issues stated as problems by FoBPS were addressed at this meeting, and specific actions were to be taken.  That is evidently not enough.

I think the key to their real issue lies in the wording of their petition which while the editor of New Hartford Plus claims was  “asking that Football practice take place at other available town properties where the necessary infrastructure was already in place,” the petition actually asks Youth Sports to not schedule practice at Brodie Park South until all other fields are fully utilized, which is already happening.   The word football is not used in the petition.

Despite the intentions of the town’s taxpayers when they voted for the Brodie Park South purchase, and despite the fact that there are no deed restrictions to dictate passive recreation only, the 10 or 15 people who are members of Friends of Brodie Park South continue the attempt to change history and shut out Youth Sports.

You can go to YouTube and look for New Hartford Plus’ own coverage of all of the town meetings to know that the field space questions have been answered ad nauseam and somebody isn’t listening.

The picture of the pickup that brought the mowing equipment which is mowing the field posted on NH+ to “prepare for football,” might have just as well have been labeled “mowing the field so we can walk our dogs,” as football doesn’t start until August.

Brodie Park South has been used for football for at least four years.  Soccer has practiced there for up to 20 years.  For New Hartford Plus to claim that BPS has only been used for passive recreation historically is wrong on a grand scale.

They were asked to be patient until the field at Antolini was completed, and football moves.  But it’s not about football, is it?

  1. Alesia Kennerson permalink

    I have stopped reading NH+. All information that is posted there is inaccurate, inflammatory, and not worth anyones time anymore. Controversy is created out of thin air so that people go back to read what others are saying in response. We should all stop going there so that the blog doesn’t get the click counts for advertising revenue. Say no to negativity and say yes to moving forward and spending our time on positive projects, like cheering on our kids.

  2. I wish nobody read it, but some still do. I heard them at the meeting back in March or April.

    Until everyone knows, the issues still need a tally.

    We hear you. We are anxious for that time.

  3. jessalvarez permalink

    When was the last time any board in New Hartford had a special meeting to sit down with a small group of residents to hear/discuss/respond directly and personally to their concerns? I’d bet that the FoBPS have been given more say/power in this decision than has ever been allowed by another board. Their opportunity to sit down and discuss their concerns was at that meeting. Their concerns were acknowledged and addressed. They will not be satisfied and they will not “go away” until the use of Brodie South is changed to passive use only. Period.


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