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It’s Time for T-Ball with New Hartford Youth Baseball!

by on June 10, 2012

The little guys and gals played in the big fields today.  These are the youngest baseball players.

They don’t keep score; they change field  positions.   Everybody plays, everybody bats, and everybody runs.   They have a 2 hour limit.  They’re there to have fun and learn the game.  They start at around 5 yrs old.  The little guys sometimes get distracted, or they’re not sure what to do, but their coaches are there to give them direction, and all of the coaches have a lot of patience.  Astros are in the outfield here. 

It’s nearing the end of the season, so coaches were pitching, giving the kids a chance to hit a thrown ball.  Many of them can, but there is no problem with the kids when they have to pull out the T after a few pitches.   Our team gets a hit and one of the Padres gets ready to fire to first. 

The coaches help the kids set up properly to bat.  Daryl Falk is Brooke’s coach, and he and the assistants are there to help them stand in the right position, there to pitch to them,  show them how to play their outfield positions,  and there to encourage and cheer for them.   These guys and gals donate their time to make sure the kids have a great experience.   

This is all about learning baseball and having fun.  Watching the game brings back a lot of memories from back when our three were young and we were at Brown’s Corner at least three times a week.

After the game, coaches congratulate the team on a great season.  Daryl  asks them if they had fun, and tells them they were great.  He tells them they learned a lot, and have improved. 

Today there is a great surprise – Rocky, the New Britain Rock Cats mascot has come all the way to New Hartford to visit with the kids and help hand out the trophies.  Not only the kids are excited to see Rocky! 

Rocky hangs out with his fans for a few minutes then joins Dale Martin, President of New Hartford Youth Baseball, and each of the coaches, to hand out their team’s trophies.   Rocky is a big hit!  Machlan Ringuette, whose Dad Steve is a coach, gets his trophy from Rocky and walks away grinning.  His Dad (left) and Dale (right) smile as he walks away.

It was a great day for baseball.  These little guys (and their parents) had a blast.  Join them next time they play.

A New Hartford Beacon salute to Dale Martin and all of the leagues coaches, and all of the coaches of all sports, who teach the games, teach teamwork, sportsmanship, and put in countless hours to make sure New Hartford kids are learning, exercising, and enjoying the outdoors!


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  1. Dale Martin President, New Hartford Youth Baseball/Softball permalink

    A very big thank you to Sharon and The New Hartford Beacon for being a part of our tee ball extravaganza. It is so greatly appreciated.

    Again, thanks so much!

    Dale Martin

  2. jessalvarez permalink

    The kids must have loved having Rocky there. How exciting!


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