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Quick Update on the Recreation Commission Meeting

by on June 6, 2012

This is a quick summary of the meeting tonight, with other info to follow.

Rick Berneike brought a rough draft drawing of the proposed field improvements for the fields above Antolini, to present to the Recreation Commission, and the public.  The field is planned at 450′ by 190′ which is large enough for football or soccer.   There is also a ball field planned.  There are copies that can be viewed at Town Hall, but we were cautioned that they were rough drafts.  Dan Jerram sent the plans with Rick, with the message that the Selectmen are committed to the improvement of the Antolini field.  Several members of the public (including representatives from NHYFC and Friends of Brodie Park South) got up to view them.

For the short-term, the application by football to use Brodie Park South for practice, has been submitted to the Recreation Commission.

The Recreation Commission voted that with the changes that were worked out to address concerns stated by Friends of Brodie Park South, and subject to the governing bodies, football would have permission to use Brodie Park South for practice this fall.

The changes proposed to alleviate the Friends of Brodie Park Souths’ concerns about parking, safety and congestion are:  1) allow parking on the field in a specified area and not on the road or in the circle, leaving the circle for quick pickup, 2) have football monitor to make sure the parking changes are made and followed, 3) make sure that parents understand that children should be picked up quickly, and to have everyone  out by 8:00 pm, 4) have cheerleaders practice at Brodie North for two of the three days a week, but practice with the teams one day a week.

Another stated issue was noise, and to address this issue it was suggested that football (subject to space considerations) move farther behind the line of trees to make sure any noise is muffled by the tree line.

Chairman John Maschi also addressed the issue of lighting.  He suggested that lights be allowed from 5:45 pm to 7:45 pm, allowing 15 minutes for cleanup and exit, with lights off by 8:00 pm.  He mentioned that because of the timing of the season, lights are necessary for safety.

The pod will be allowed for storage, obviously subject to regulatory body approval.

Chairman Maschi has also offered to address a meeting of the parents of NHYFC, to discuss the changes.

The Recreation Commission has worked to resolve this issue to the best of their ability, and we thank them.  Friends of Brodie Park South has stated specific concerns, and I think those concerns as stated have been addressed.  If there are other issues, I am sure that cooperation can resolve them.

Chairman Maschi reiterated that the field at Brodie Park South was an active recreation area.


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  1. Great news. Sounds like we are all working together. Now we can focus on completing the long term solution.

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