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Quick Celebratory Trip

by on June 4, 2012

Wildwood, New Jersey – from the Boardwalk.  Fun spot for kids!  Took a short trip for a couple of days (we’ll be back by Wednesday at 7:00 for you know what), but it was too much to pass up.  There’s a rainbow to the right of the ferris wheel, or part of one.

There’s a senior party going on down the deck from our room; they have a dj playing  all of the oldies, and they’re having a great time.  They keep asking if the noise is bothering us.  😮

Have you ever heard of Glow Golf?  I have no idea what it is, but it looked kind of interesting, maybe even frightening. 

Food is a little iffy.  If you’re into Burgers & Fries, you’re all set.  We ate at a very forgettable place, and I don’t remember the name now.  It wasn’t anything I’d try to find again.

I think somebody forgot how terrifying a carousel was since Goshen Fair 2010.  Last time she and her cousin screamed and had to sit in the benches with their moms.  Brooke really loves the ride this time!

But back at the ranch, tide is in quite a ways tonight – we evidently just happened on one of those big tide weekends.  Water has overtaken the trash cans.  I don’t have my rain gear and it’s far too cold this time to go grabbing them.

There are refrigerators and grills here, and stove tops, sinks and microwaves.  We’ll be dining on strip steaks, baked potatoes, cucumber & tomato salad, and quinoa salad.

Hopefully we’ll get a little beach time in, and I’ll get some pictures of the kids in the water.  I hear the water is warm – walk right in warm.  This is the ocean, folks.  We’ll see!

It reminds me of North Carolina in Nags Head; lots of commercial activity, ocean and waves.   I hear the waves are much kinder, but I haven’t been in the water yet.

It is pretty, I just wish they’d put those wires underground.  🙂

  1. Brings back memories. I grew up in Philly so we were always at Wildwood. Great beaches, great atmosphere, lots of fun things to do. I always remember the haunted houses. Thanks for the great pictures!

  2. Sally O'Neill permalink

    One of my favorite places! Love the Jersey shore!

    • Unbelievable. Wish we had more time. What a spot! The boardwalk was a blast. Photography opportunities abound. There’s a senior trip here. They came on a bus. They had a party last night. They were dancing and singing, to music I know, well. So maybe at 62, I am a senior, too! 🙂

      Would come back here in a heartbeat!

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