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Republican-American Football Coverage May 21, 2012

by on May 21, 2012

There is an article by Debbi Morello, a Republican American reporter, that describes in summary form what happened at the meeting, which was available yesterday afternoon on youtube.  I am linking to the article in the paper, but you need a subscription to access the whole thing.

The sound in the video is pretty bad but, if you wear headphones or it’s really quiet, you can hear it.  Video is here:

There are issues that can easily be fixed, and football brought some solutions with them, addressing safety, lights, parking, and noise.

The reporter mentions the statement by Dan Eddy claiming the necessity of a formal application to use a park.  I wonder if all of youth sports will be making formal applications every year.  Is that the effect of Rule #18?  (Thanks Neil)  Some time should be spent considering the implications of that rule, and the possible consequences.

It is interesting to me, though and worthy of note, that even after all assurances were made that football would work to rectify the problems, and even though they have explained again and again (with verification from town officials)  that there is no other suitable place in town for them to practice until the field at Antolini is fixed, I quote from the end of the article, “Friends of Brodie Park South will continue to lobby to move youth football practice to a different location.”

The First Selectman, Dan Jerram told me that the Selectmen are committed to fixing the field above Antolini.  “We’re moving on,” he said.  Will Friends of Brodie Park South have the patience to do the same, and wait until it’s done?  Evidently not.

See you June 6 at 7:00 p.m. at Berkshire Hall.  Hopefully, enough people can stay vigilant long enough to get a solution that will be good for all of youth sports, and the “Friends” can’t attack the next team that plays at Brodie Park South.


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  1. jessalvarez permalink

    I worry about anyone that might need that space in the future, because as was shown when football/cheer attempts to work with them to reduce their concerns about lights, parking and noise, they still want them out, and now. The fact that soccer may not need lights will not change a thing. As they have requested at town meetings – the only acceptable solution is an immediate end to all active recreation at Brodie South.

    • In the rant on NH+ after the meeting, they talked about being assured that the situation was temporary, but then went off on soccer using it “5 nights a week,” after that. Everybody knows.

      That is the end they want, and it’s strange that they have only wanted it since the seniors pulled out of the BPS senior center for many reasons, not the least of which was access to the area (winter driving – really?)

      Active recreation will not end at BPS. There is no way to do that, and that’s not why it was bought. I remember why it was bought. I have to ask, why did Ms. Hale support it?


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