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Gardening – Vegegables or Flowers, or Both?

by on May 20, 2012

When people comment on the park-like setting in my back yard, I’m quick to give credit where credit is due – my husband, Dwinal.

This weekend he had a little extra help.

Grandchildren Preston and Mia ride in the “banana cart” while Poppa brings the plants out to their new home.

We had company this weekend.  Stef, our daughter, and our granddaughter Mia came to visit (Dad Sean stayed home to take care of our sick granddog, Monty, who we hope is recouperating).  The left side of the pool only has Forsythia at the back and Clematis in the middle, so Stef saw room for some color.  All of the rest of the area is chock full of roses, a pink Peony, and a HUGE blue Hydrangea, which is taking over the right side.

Stef loves planting flowers, so she dragged Poppa out looking for flower plants on Saturday.  Some of these are perennials; some I’m not sure about.  I hope they all are! They came home with Heuchura (Coralbells), Echinacea (Coneflowers Pow Wow White and Pow Wow Wild Berry), Gaillardia (Blanket Flower, Oranges and Lemons) and Campanula Birch Hybrid (Bell Flowers).   She showed me pictures, and they look really nice.

Children love to plant things.  There are so many wonderful fun activities they love involved!  There is mud, there is water and digging!  Below, Preston fills a hole, then aims to wash off Poppa’s hand.  That wash-off started a barrage of wash-offs, some not so intended!  🙂

Preston and Mia put water in the hole where the plant will go.

They all had a hand in it, both watering before the plant went in and after, and after that they watered each other.  It was a beautiful day in the sun, the kids had a blast, and I have new color coming this summer!  Brooke got here in time to help and waters the hole for the last plant, below.

I’m already looking forward to the color! Happy Summer!

  1. stephaniegorman permalink

    Everything we got with the exception of parsley is perennial. No worries.


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