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Updated: Tallying the Misinformation

by on May 15, 2012

An update to my post dated May 10th (…

New Hartford Plus today posted a letter from the Friends of Brodie Park South, with a number of pieces of misinformation that I’d like to discuss.

1. Football is using the town park until well after dark, with lights and generators, on a daily basis in August and three nights a week from September through mid-November.

Let’s be clear: the only time Football is in the park after dark is during the last four weeks of practice, and then only is it dark for the last 45 min- 1 hour of practice.  Yes, Football uses the park on a daily basis in August and three nights week from September through mid-November, but it is not using the park “well after dark” during all of this time.  Lights are used for roughly 10 hours for the entire year.  Lights are NEVER used by Football in August or September.

I’m not sure if this is just another case of “misunderstanding” the intention behind that way an statement is written, but it seems to me that they are indicating that the park is being used in the dark, with lights, in August and September.  This is not the case.

2. After-dark use of the park is made possible by bringing in lights run by generators.  This is something that has never been allowed in town parks before since the parks are all in residential neighborhoods.

Lights are used for the ice skating rink at Chapin Park.   Lights are used when parks are rented for various events – weddings at Brodie North, for example.  Never is a strong word, and an inaccurate one in this situation.

3.  The Rec Commission as a whole has already said that they see no problem with this intensified use by their active sports program of the park.

Wait…I thought they said that the Rec Commission asked Football to leave BPS and practice elsewhere, and told them not to use the lights, but Football ignored them and did what they wanted anyway.  That’s is what was reported on numerous occasions.  Either this “intensified” use is authorized by Rec, or its unauthorized.  Which is it?  Is it just convenient now to state that Rec supports Football?

4.  The May 15th meeting to discuss the use of Brodie Park South is stacked against the Friends of Brodie Park South.

There are two representatives of the Friends of Brodie Park South, two representatives from Football, two members of the Rec Commission and a moderator.  Two representatives from FoBPS is not less than two representatives from Football, no matter how you spin it.  I’d bet the only way the Friends of Brodie Park South would think this situation would be fair, would be if they alone determine the future use of the park.

5.  Bill Baxter has a conflict of interest because he stated in a meeting on Sept 7, 2011 that Brodie South was intended to be used for active recreation, which is not a fact, it is his opinion.

I’d bet that Bill is intimately aware of the reasons for the purchase of Brodie Park, since his wife, Anita, was the First Selectwoman responsible for fighting so hard for the purchase in the 80s.  Are the Friends of Brodie Park South now questioning Bill Baxter’s integrity?

6.  The petition submitted on May 2 included 137 signatures of town residents who are dissatisfied with the manner in which Brodie Park South is being used by New Hartford Youth Football & Cheer.

The petition filed on May 2nd did not have 137 signatures (see our post –  They may have gathered a few more signatures since our post, because sources have confirmed that they were collecting signatures at polling locations during the referendum vote, in an apparent violation of Conn. Gen. Stat. § 9-236.

Also, and most importantly – the wording on the petition never once mentions New Hartford Youth Football & Cheer.  It is an assumption by the Friends of Brodie Park South that asking that a process be put in place to allocate practice space will remove NHYF&C from Brodie South.   In fact, there is a process in place, which is due to a lot of hard work, time spent and coordination by the all of the youth sports programs in our town.  Field space is allocated, and Brodie South has been allocated to New Hartford Youth Football & Cheer.

7.  Approximately 75 vehicles are parked at Brodie Park South during Football practice, when there is only parking for 12 cars.

When the controversy started gaining attention, non-Football associated concerned residents drove by Brodie South during practice and counted cars.  Coaches have also gone out to the street counted cars during practice to report how many cars are actually there.  New Hartford Plus has posted pictures of cars parked off the street on Niles Road.  50-75 cars, as has been repeatedly reported, is a gross exaggeration.

The picture placed and captioned after the article depicts truck damage to the field at BPS.  The caption implies that 75 cars will have to park in the field.  If it’s not propaganda, it at least is arbitrary evidence of something unrelated.  Yes there was unfortunate damage by a flat-bed truck, but it was immedately repaired by the company as well as the football players and their families.  Acting as news and trying to manipulate popular opinion with misinformation?  I’d say so.

It’s a sad day in New Hartford when self described unbiased news sources mislead the public about youth sports, town commissions, and malign well meaning residents….all in the name of forwarding a special interest agenda.

**PLEASE NOTE:  The Friends of Brodie Park South have asked residents to attend the meeting to show their “concern for the disregard for residents’ input”.  We have confirmed that while the public is allowed to attend, there will be no opportunity for public comment on the agenda.  Please join us at Berkshire Hall at 7:30 tonight.**

Agenda for Tonight’s Meeting:

May 15, 2012
7:30pm in Berkshire Hall, Brodie Park
Topic: Usage of Brodie South during late summer and fall of 2012

The Recreation Commission represented by John Maschi and Dan Eddy has invited two representatives of New Hartford Youth Football and two representatives of Friends of Brodie to present needs and concerns relating to the topic.
Former First Selectman Bill Baxter has graciously agreed to act as a moderator when necessary.
There will be no opportunity for non participant attendees to speak. No public comment.


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  1. neiltolhurst permalink

    The anonymous and self described “Friends” of BPS sound like two year olds not getting itheir way and having a temper tantrum.

    Posting the photo of the ruts from a truck driver’s one time mistake without the photos of the Wolverines fixing the ruts is pure manipulation.

    Parked cars – I counted 18 cars at BPS one evening last fall…after being told the lie that there were 100 parked there. Every Wednesday evening in the fall my wife & I drive south on Niles past BPS, We NEVER saw any cars blocking Niles Rd. or anything close to the number of cars claimed to park there.

    Generators, plural – simply not true. Only one generator was used and it is a very quiet one, too.

    Will there ever be an end to the lies & manipulation coming from NH+ and the so-called “Friends”? Evidently they subscribe to the “If the facts are not on your side, make stuff up.” theory. How sad.

    • stephaniegorman permalink

      No kidding. They push and lie and then cry that they’re under attack by a bunch of bullies when someone points out the truth. Keeping silent gives approval. I don’t approve of the lies nor do I appreciate the pushing. Now they’re saying their two people given negotiating access across from the football league’s two people puts them at a disadvantage. They just don’t want to negotiate. Football will be at Antolini in the future. Are FoBPS part of the “immediate gratification” generation?

    • Is it the mentality that says a lie repeated often enough becomes true, or begins to be believed? This stuff is disturbing.

  2. Not to mention that FoBPS has no idea what a conflict of interest is! Bill has no monetary benefits to gain from this activity. Get it, FoBPS? It’s all about the $$ you make from the positions you hold. Bill has no $$ to make, thus, no conflict of interest.


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