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Information on Local Produce Cooperation with Barden Farm

by on May 13, 2012

by Krista Maloney

Mother’s Day weekend, and the sun is shining brightly, birds are chirping and buds are popping.

Here in New Hartford, crops are starting to sprout!  There’s a movement erupting in the healthy eating community to eat local or live as a “locavore!”  Locally grown produce is  not available year round in our area, but we’re moving toward the growing season right now. Local food is fresher, and more likely to be picked at the peak of ripeness.  Produce picked at the peak of ripeness is produce picked at it’s highest nutritional value.

The benefits of avoiding lengthy transport of our fruits and vegetables are multiple.  Eating locally also gives you the opportunity to meet the people growing your food, learn about how it is grown, see where and when it is harvested, and support your own community.

Our local treasure, The Barden Farm, has agreed to keep us updated with what they’re picking every week, and we plan on passing on that information to you. Local food is fresh food! I’ll be eating local as as much as I can, this year.  I hope to share some of the ways we prepare local food with you, and hope that you’ll get inspired and share your experiences as well!

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