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Parsing the Petition

by on May 9, 2012

Sharon Wilbur

There are 122 signatures on a petition which says:

“We the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge the Rec Commission to:”

Some are concerned, some moved in last month, some are renters, some we can’t find at all.  Some are prior Rec Commission members who have not served in some time, who don’t really understand that Rec isn’t trying to run the practice schedule show, as it is a much bigger show than it was when they were there.  Some have almost identical handwriting.  Many members of Open Space Commission and the Conservation Commission appear, and that’s understandable.  A couple are actually adults who grew up playing sports with my daughters.  That’s a surprise.  Hopefully they really DO live with their folks, and didn’t just sign while visiting.

“Schedule sports practice at the other parks/play fields in New Hartford.  These areas are more appropriate; provide safer access and parking to Brodie Park South.  Only utilize Brodie Park South after other playing fields are fully utilized.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, this has happened.  Fields are fully utilized, and the only way to change it to the way Maria Moore suggests, is to cut practice time.  There is a field above Antolini where football started; they were moved.  They tried Brodie North.  It was not appropriate.  Maybe the parking worked for NH+ but the playing space didn’t work for football.  They may have been moved from there too; that was a few years ago.  The field at Antolini is planned for football.   There isn’t another space until that field is ready.  Patience is needed here.  FoBPS are pushing the envelope.

“Consistently enforce the hours of access from sunrise to sunset.  No night activities, no lights.”

Does the Town really want to go there?  No skating?  Or are they just talking about BPS?  Does that mean that the kids who use it to drink and hang out are ok?  They don’t use lights but can drive down your road drunk.  How many people are bothered personally by the lights?  There are probably three houses close enough to even have a sense that someone is there.  Football was asked to move the lights, they did.  Since most of the field is not lit by the lights (I hate to point you to the obnoxiously fake video about the loudness where it is clear how much of the field is not lit),  I question whether anybody is really bothered by them.  Once they move to Antolini, the lights are ok?  Can you just wait until it’s ready?  If there are no lights, there is no football!  Daylight savings time has been considerably shortened.  For most of October they wouldn’t be able to practice.  It’s only for a few weeks.  Really people?  Who actually still sees the lights?

“Adhere to Conservation Commission mowing schedule and maintenance guidelines.”

I have no idea what those schedules are, but the Northwest Conservation District Report doesn’t have any recommendations to change mowing schedules; approximately 6 acres of 26 acres of fields are mowed regularly.  The rest are mowed according to a delayed mowing schedule. 

There seems to be some benefit to having two mowing schedules.  Maybe someone from the Conservation Commission can enlighten us about the mowing schedules they recommend.  Does this also mean that FoBPS would throw another obstacle against another type of youth sports team using the field for practice? 

I remind all that this land was purchased FOR RECREATION and one of the uses recommended was additional field space for youth sports.  The parking can be fixed.   

Link to the report: Brodie%20Park%20Eco%20Baseline


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