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Comments on Recreation Commission Meeting FoBPS Petition

by on May 8, 2012

Sharon Wilbur

Attached below are the minutes to the meeting on May 2 of the Recreation Commission.

I would like to thank them for the understanding they’ve exhibited to the need of the use of Brodie Park South for football until the field at Antolini is ready.

I am further encouraged by the revelations that there will be a recommendation put forth by the BPS Committee that the 6-8 acres being used as field space will most likely continue to be used that way.  I refer  you to page 4 of the minutes which states that “. . . the mowed short area, would be maintained to encourage active recreation.”  There shouldn’t be an ongoing battle to kick out every sport that wants to practice there after football has moved.

The minutes are posted here:  RecMay2Minutes

In my reading of the Northwest Conservation District Report, there is no detrimental effect in using the mowed area for field space and in fact they mention certain benefits because of the difference in mowing schedules between the two fields, one of which has a limited mowing schedule.  There are cautions about ball field development and possible erosion if they are not carefully constructed, but that is not under consideration.    The fields are only used for practice, and if fields were to be constructed, I am sure great care would be taken.

The Report also discusses the nature of prime farmland soil in the fields, which New Hartford is rich in, having more than 23% of it’s land in that type of soil.  I do not see anything in the report to suggest that kids practicing sports are harmful in any way.

I mention these facts, because I cannot fathom what kind of information was given to the 122 folks who signed the petition circulated by FoBPS to cause them to sign such a document.  I would be interested in hearing from them as to why they signed it.  Feel free to post as “anonymous.”  I am considering posting the petition, but don’t want to embarrass anyone who may have been misled by their tactics.  Maybe NH+ will post it.  They were instrumental in its circulation.

So much misinformation has been spread by these folks, that their “blog” can no longer be trusted as a “news” source.  They actually fabricated a recording to try and convince people how noisy football practice was and how much it was disturbing the neighbors.  I believe the video taper was actually running on the field sticking the camera in the kids faces, unless the person who produced the noisy video was someone other than the one I know about.

I’ve posted a video that shows football practice on the field.  In the video, you hear Moms talking with their neighbor Moms, younger children playing, and some noise from the football teams.  Note that the Moms are closer to neighboring houses than football practice is.  If these folks can sit on the sidelines and have a normal conversation, the FoBPS video is obviously a lie.  I leave it to you to decide how horrible these noises of neighbors interacting with neighbors during football practice are.  I think it’s a wonderful use of a town park.

Organized town sports using a town-owned space at night, keeps that space from being used for other purposes that are far more frightening to local residents.


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  1. Shame permalink

    So, 122 actual names, not 150 as NH+ said, or 200 as was presented at the Rec meeting. More lies, or more creative math. The petition is to “only use BPS after all other fields are being fully utilized” which is exactly as it is being used now. No evening activities, no lights – all of these people think we should end the Summer Concerts at Brodie? That’s a shame.


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