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Browns Corner Open at 8:30 am.

by on May 3, 2012

Browns Corner open 8:30 a.m. May 3, 2012

I am told that a poster on that other blog, claimed that the gates at Browns Corner are always closed.

This is not the best day to visit, but I’ll be checking and posting pictures of the gates.

Too many times people post things without verifying their accuracy.


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  1. Neil permalink

    Amen. I’ve been there numerous times during the day and NEVER found the Steele Rd. gates locked. The gate on 202 behind the Babe Ruth field backstop – yes that one is usually locked, as it should be.

  2. jessalvarez permalink

    We would have loved to just correct the misinformation posted on the other blog, but alas, we are blocked from commenting. Also, doing so would be considered a personal threat.

  3. I have been down there on numerous occassions recently with no other activities going on, and have not had any trouble. And no, I do not have a key.

  4. As I left the meeting last night, and Maria was outside, I as in a greeting said, “Maria.” I was met with a very rude “I’m sorry, I don’t talk to you.” Odd, don’t you think?

    • Neil permalink

      Wow, she won’t talk with a person who may have a different opinion or point of view than hers? Oh well, I shouldn’t be surprised – she threatened to hit me one time when we were having a conversation and I didn’t agree with her.

  5. Heather permalink

    Interesting to see posts and pics on nh+ site of opening day at browns last weekend. How did she possibly take pics if she is purportedly unable towalk around?

    • Was not able to cover – taking care of parents Saturday morning. It’s obvious they can get in, and walk around. I’m going to cover gate access as I did today, for a while. NH+ was quick to jump on and allow the post that tried to prove there was no access to Browns Corner because that agreed with their agenda, whether or not it was true. That’s their MO. Truth means nothing. Their agenda is all that matters.

    • Neil permalink

      Her false statement at the Rec mtg was that Browns is not available to people when Youth Sports is NOT using it. Of course, that is not accurate, has been pointed out to her & NH+ but comments have been blocked and she has made no no apology or correction that I know of.

  6. Christy permalink

    The bathrooms at Browns get cleaned 1-2x per week in season (depending on need) between 7-8 am. The gates are NEVER locked. Well, I do recall maybe once in the last 5 years it happened and the cleaning person had to walk in (gasp!) If I recall (and my facts are UNCHECKED I will confess!) I think the gates got locked for a short time while they were doing construction / moving dirt/rocks, etc. Ummm.. yeah, reasons of safety. Besides, even if they were locked, there is still plenty of room to park and walk around and enjoy the park. There are reasons for gates to be put up and locked – like vandalism. Same reason the gate to Brodie Beach was put up – to block vehicle access to the beach area to prevent destruction. Gates have no real impact on inability to enjoy a park, they just require a little inconvenience from enjoying it in the manner a person has chosen – they have to park somewhere else, then enjoy the park. If you’re out to enjoy nature as has been claimed, then what difference does it make if you park at the 3rd spot from pole # 3, or you park on the outside of the gate? Is the air different? Should I be allowed to park on the sidewalk in front of Town Hall because there are no other parking spaces in the front and that is where I WANT to park? No, I park in the back at what ever space I find.. and I’m not even “enjoying nature” when I’m there. People never cease to amaze me. And to think there are actual problems in this world we could spend our time fighting for instead of combating the need to allow children to be active in sports.. which, up until recently, most of us just considered a normal right of passage to an active, healthy lifestyle. unbelievable.

  7. Neil permalink

    I drove by Browns Corner this morning at 10:00 AM. The Steele Rd. gates were open, a car was in the parking lot, and no Youth Sports activities were taking place.


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