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A Petition To Share Brodie Park South

by on May 3, 2012

We have created an online petition.  With it, we  hope to show anyone who still doubts the immense amount of public support that our children have – that we are here to stay.

The FoBPS do not want to share, and they have submitted a petition to show exactly who in town agrees with them.  They insist that Brodie Park South is to be used by dog walkers and bird watchers, but not children.   The numbers on this petition are said to range from 80-200 residents, depending on who you speak to.  We hope to get a copy and post it soon.

As we have said before, this is not about football – this is a desperate power struggle to immediately stop all active recreation at Brodie Park South.

We think that Brodie Park South can and should be shared between the active and passive users, as it was intended when it was bought, and as it has been used for decades.

Please sign today, if you agree, and pass the link on to other residents so they can do the same.  If the online petition requests a donation, your signature has already been recorded.  We do not recommend that you donate to them.

If you are so inclined, print off a PDF (link below) and collect signatures from those that may not have access to the internet.  We hope to have signatures collected by the next Recreation Committee meeting on Tuesday, May 15th.  Let’s show them how our Town supports our kids, and that we are willing to share.

Petition to Share BPS


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  1. I will most gladly sign this, and also post on facebook.

  2. Gina Maroney permalink

    I signed this…twice. Just warning you because someone else did too and I don’t want anyone, expecially FoBPS, to say it’s not valid.

    • jessalvarez permalink

      Thank you. We will keep an eye out for duplicates.


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