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Access to Brown’s Corner

by on April 25, 2012

I received this letter from 3 heads of youth sports because it has been said that Brown’s Corner is inaccessible to town residents.  Nothing is further from the truth.


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  1. Neil permalink

    Good letter! Plus there are woods past the edges of the playing fields for anyone to walk in.

  2. Neil permalink

    I tried to post a comment about this letter on that other local blog and the people who run it are blocking me from posting. What are they afraid of?

  3. momgoose72 permalink

    And we probably all know who is posting the mis-information about Brown’s Corner.

    • Neil permalink

      It was also her false statement at the recent rec commission meeting – see minute 49 in her video of that meeting.

  4. Alesia Kennerson permalink

    At last BOS meeting 4/24, Maria had a public comment opposing a property owner from purchasing a swath of land from the Town that dissected his property. Her reason? “It’s Town property”! P&Z (her husband is on it) says that it might be used for a bike trail in the future. The property owner came up with a compromise, cut along the back part of the property so that the pool area is not separate from the house area. Maria still didn’t like it because it’s Town property and why should bikers have to go out of their way. According to her, it’s ok to bother these property owners with a bike path in the middle of their property because it’s Town land, but it’s not ok to use town owned land at BPS because it bothers the neighbors. Also, she stated that she is going to sue the Town because she udoesn’t want the Town to vote on the budget at an all day referendum, rather she wants people to vote on it at a Town meeting. Here is an elected official costing the Town money .y suing it, even though our town attorney stated that a referendum is legal.

    • Neil permalink

      Alesia, thank you for posting that information. After reading it, why did the word delusional pop into my head?

      Threatening to sue is a repeated behavior. When the NH Business Council wanted to use one of my photos for a brochure, she made a mess of things with them and wrote their president (at the time, Dawn Whalen) a nasty letter with a threat to sue the Business Council, despite having no grounds at all.

      Does she see herself as New Hartford’s version of Brenda Starr?

    • Heather permalink

      If this is indeed true, it is simply astounding. The latest appears that she now believes youth sports must fill out a questionnaire around field use. Why does she think that is her job?I highly recommend that we do not respond…it would just validate her self appointed position as the decision maker of where and when sports should play. Let’s not play that game.

      • I can assure you that it is true. Wait for Christine to post the minutes. This was one meeting that wasn’t videotaped. I don’t know where her videographer was, maybe he realized that it wasn’t worth all of the trouble, just to be able to post his Sportsmans Journal. Maybe he can post it here, and not have to do the extra work for free. Just a thought!

      • I just saw her post of her questionnaire. She has no power to enforce anyone to use that questionnaire. She is on the Board of Finance, not the Rec Commission. That is ridiculous. She is getting more and more disconnected with reality.

        By the way, we need people to come to the May 8th Town Meeting to vote on moving the budget to referendum. Please come out and show your support to move the budget to a referendum. Details of the budget are on the Town website.

      • Alesia –

        In 1990 there was an ordinance passed requiring the budget meeting to adjourn to referendum.

        Is there an attempt afoot to rescind that ordinance?


        Sent from my iPhone

      • I’m sorry, I didn’t have my coffee yet, May 1st is the meeting to move the budget to referendum, which will then be on May 8.

      • Neil permalink

        Heather, good points, and avoid adding to the click count for that blog. Those click counts are tracked and used to solicit advertisers and “prove” popularity.

        “Self appointed decision maker” – yes. Plus “crusading reported/editor/photographer working hard for everyone” Why do the words narcissist, delusional, and disconnected from reality pop into my mind?

      • Alesia Kennerson permalink

        The Ordinance is not what drives the decision to go to referendum, although she has been trying to say that the 1990 ordinance is illegal. The BOS have within their power the right to remove any agenda item from a Town Meeting and move it to referendum. Check BOS minutes from earlier this year, this was already discussed. That is what we did last Tuesday, and why she got so mad.

  5. I was thinking more like Hedda Hopper.

  6. Alesia Kennerson permalink

    The Town Attorney explained the BOS rights to move to referendum in the Feb. 9, 2012 meeting minutes.

    • I just read the minutes. Attorney Roraback seems to be reaffirming the validity of the ordinance while also claiming that BOS can at any time remove an item for referendum.

      The ordinance was passed back then (I remember it well) because Annual Town Meetings lasted until the wee hours, and votes taken after midnight when everyone was home in bed were not representative of the will of the people.

      I’m hoping not to have to put my trust in some future BOS who may not think the way you do, so repeal would not be an attractive option.

      Sent from my iPhone


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