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Wolverine Field at Brodie Park South

by on April 7, 2012

As I watched Wednesday night’s Rec Committee meeting, I witnessed passionate resident after passionate resident trying to convince a handful of selfish people to leave the kids alone and let them play ball in a park.  Last fall, at a Zoning Committee meeting, I witnessed the zoning attorney tell these same selfish people, that he would not want to be the one that had to try to convince a judge that a park is not the appropriate place for kids to play ball.  I didn’t want to be at either of those meetings.  I wanted to spend time with my kids.

Why are we all wasting precious family time trying to convince maybe 12 people that they should share 3 acres of “their” approximately 150 acre park?  We shouldn’t.

My first thought was to petition the town for a town meeting vote on:

  1. Extending BPS hours to 8:30pm for youth sport organizations.
  2. Authorizing safety equipment, such as lights, at the discretion of the organization.
  3. Authorizing seasonal storage of equipment, at the discretion of the organization.
  4. Allowing for adequate on field parking.

The alleged “Friends” of Brodie Park South don’t have the votes to stop it.  If they did, they would have already used the same process to stop all active recreation at Brodie South.  But why go through all this just to practice football on a hill.  That’s right; the only available space to practice football is on a hill.  If I need to put in the hours, I’d much rather put them to use on Wolverine Field at Brodie Park South.

How do we fund such a project?  Sell 140 acres of BPS, and use the proceeds to pay for the facilities on the remaining 10 acres.  Of course, we can give Open Space or the Land Trust the first shot at the property.  The 12 FoBPS get 140 acres (over 10 acres each) to preserve for all eternity.  The 500 kids participating in youth sports get the other 10.

To paraphrase a famous New Hartford resident:

Do It For The Kids


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  1. Lang Mussen permalink

    EXACTLY! Well said Mike!

  2. I’d like to throw out another possible solution – the formation of a Youth Sports Commission that will rule over the use of town land used by Youth Sports for playing fields.

    If a resident wants to “rent” one of the athletic facilities, they go to that commission.

    The Recreation Commission has many concerns that don’t involve youth sports, and I would think they would welcome that change.

  3. Chris Valko permalink

    I think Wolverine Field at BPS is a great idea. Maybe we can appease the FoBPS with a dog park at Brodie north between the beach and kayak launch that even gives the dogs waterfront access. Then maybe, just maybe, they’ll leave the kids alone.

    • Sharon Wilbur permalink

      It’s been years now. We know they’ll never leave the kids alone.


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