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Are You Happy With Rec?

by on April 5, 2012

There must be somebody out there that is happy with the new Rec Commission park regulations. I’m not happy. I don’t speak for youth sports, football, FoBPS, or the neighbors of Brodie Park South, but I can’t imagine any of these groups were satisified. How is it that Rec can vote to unanimously approve regulations that nobody in town likes? Why do we have this commission? Why do we fund them?


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  1. Krista Maloney permalink

    Personally, I could care less about most of the rules. What I do care about is the ambiguous rule number one, parks close sunset until sunrise. This leaves the football program hoping for an exception, or pursuing a route to get that rule changed. I have lived through two years of trusting in the permission of town officials, seen it revoked mid-season by some and been told by others that we could continue. I don’t like living in a town where a segment of the population can continue to call us rule breakers. Honestly, if an exemption is given, does anyone believe that FoBPS will ever stop calling for the loss of that exemption? I have learned that trusting in the support of town government is a risky route. if the rule does not reflect our practice hours, we could conceivably be homeless at any time. I realize there is a long-term solution in effect, but we need protection now.

    I also realized from that meeting, that the battle isn’t over once football is relocated. I’m already dreading having to take more evenings off from work or away from my children to support soccer/lacrosse/ field hockey or whatever sport teams my children become involved in, that are unfortunate enough to be assigned a Brodie South practice location and become the new enemies of the “passive use only” crowd.

  2. Lang Mussen permalink

    My name is Lang Mussen. I’ve lived in NH for 12 years, and have been a vol. fireman, football, baseball and lacrosse coach. My wife Ida and I have donated countless hours of our free time to this town, so don’t get the wrong impression… I was not happy after last nights meeting. But not because of the differing opinions. I can respect and empathize with everyone in the room. THe following is my opinion and mine only:

    I’ve had the privilege of coaching football since 2007. THere is a core group of us who have been there since like hour 2. We started at Antolini, and got moved to BPS in Aug of 2007. It was a freshly hayed field. The grass was in huge clumps. It was rough (not like now), and we soldiered on. Half of the nature lovers wanting passive recreation wouldn’t have set foot on that field barefoot, that’s how rough it was. We made due. We removed stumps. We removed rocks. We striped it with paint and played football. We, thanks to the town, RESCUED that un-used, over-grown golf course. Without Football, BPS would be an eyesore now. bobolink’s anyone?

    For 5 years now I’ve been hearing the same BS. “it’s not about football..” yea right. Football is the white elephant in the room so everyone, please, stop saying it’s not about football. I’m glad it is. It took 3 minutes for the meeting to focus on football last night. THE TOWN NEEDS MORE FIELD SPACE. Go to Burlington, Harwinton, Bristol, Torrington… there are acres of fields where people walk dogs near people playing sports! I’m totally serious!

    Football uses 3 acres TOPS at BPS. We have one small “shed” near Berkshire Hall. The football program has ZERO impact on BPS. ZERO. There are hundreds of acres left for passive recreation. And having a place to walk your dog (I have a dog) shouldn’t rest on the towns shoulders. When did dog walking become a sport. Ride a bike, look at a bird, count caterpillars. Have at it please. And as stated last night, BPS has been a golf course, practice field for youth sports, an un-mowed field, and now a practice field again.

    I believe the rec commission would be better off making rules/regs for each town park. That is the way other towns/cities do it. Then you could ensure that, for instance, having the concerts at Berkshire Hall (which may run past sunset), would not violate any rules/regs. Or, walking your dog off of the leash for instance, or not picking up dog waste, doesn’t violate any rule.

    BTW, how will these “rules” be enforced? I saw no reference to an ordinance that the police could
    cite someone for.

    Would a town referendum vote solve this problem??

    Without a strong youth sports presence in New Hartford, the town will waste away. People will move and raise their kids elsewhere. This isn’t the direction I want to see the town wants go in.


    • stephaniegorman permalink

      Lang, great comment, and thank you for all of your service to New Hartford. I wish it were a stand-alone post!

  3. Thank you, Lang. A lot of people don’t know that you guys were the ones who did that. I didn’t.



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