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New Hartford Plus Editor Recommends Cut to Antolini Field Improvements

by on April 2, 2012

At the Finance Board Meeting on March 22, 2012, Maria Moore offerred the following cuts to the New Hartford Budget.  I call your attention to the Capital Budget Cuts at the bottom of the list,  which includes a cut of $20,000 to fund improvement for Antolini Fields for the Football Program.  You can see the entire Board of Finance Meeting at the following link.


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  1. Mike Maloney permalink

    Interesting exchange at 26:30-27:30 on Maria’s potential conflict of interest.

  2. Especially her answer that it isn’t a conflict because she doesn’t approach the library, they came to her to advertise. The bottom line is that she takes money from the library for advertising, it doesn’t matter who approached who. She is also advocating for increased funding for their software issue, and also advocates for no cuts at all, as Jim Fitzgerald proposed. That is called a special interest.

    • NewHartfordHeldHostage permalink

      Since Mrs. Moore alleges that all the board members in a small town have a conflict of interest, I would like Mr. Witte, Mr. Charest, Mrs. Reiger, Mr. Fitzgerald, Mr. Smith, Mr. Coates, and Mr. Gareis to disclose the list of taxpayer funded organizations that pay them for services. I have a feeling it will be a short list.

  3. jessalvarez permalink

    This would bring up a great opportunity to comment on her blog or on Facebook to ask for her reasons for proposing to cut the funding for the field expansion at Antolini. She states that she supports Youth Sports and Football’s move to Antolini, yet doesn’t want Football practicing at BPS and would block them from moving to Antolini. But alas, pointing out such blatant hypocrisy, as I have in the past, is considered a “personal attack” and has deemed me unable to comment.

  4. Reggie Smith, Jr. permalink

    For the record I have no conflict of interest as a member of the BOF. Also for the record I see nothing wrong with the NH football league using Brodie South. You have my support.

  5. I would love to see the residents working with the football league and supporting a nice sports complex…somewhere, maybe even at Brodie South. These kids have the same rights that all the kids have that participate in the programs in town. If the pet owners act responsibly and legally by leashing their pets then there should be no issue of co-existing. I always enjoyed our soccer practice at Brodie South during my coaching days. It is a great place. Into the fall, it was cold, dark early so we improvised by using our vehicles with headlights and everyone always cleaned up after themselves… we took care of the place, just like the football program is doing. They know the asset and they take care of it. They know the value of good sportsmanship as well as the value of being good with the neighbors.

  6. Joe Gareis permalink

    On the conflict of interest issue, Maria Moore regularly accuses town officials of having conflicts. Just last month (March 15 NH+ post) she falsely claimed Dan Jerram had a son in the youth football. She withdrew the charge a couple of days later (March 18) but insisted that if true it would have “represented a clear conflict of interest.” Now a few weeks later she argues conflicts of interest are unavoidable in small towns so her relationship with the library is not a problem. Does anyone else see a contradiction?

    It clearly poses a potential conflict for BOF members to argue or vote on issues that directly affect a significant business or financial interest for them. Ms Moore just undermines her credibility in arguing otherwise.

    To Sharon Wilbur — Your site looks good and we need another local news/information outlet. Thanks for doing this. And say hi to Dwinal

  7. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Please voice your support for improvements to Antolini Fields & the Field House. Board of Finance meeting at New Hartford Town Hall in the Senior Center at 7:00 tonight.

    Budget will be discussed.

  8. Heather permalink

    How did she end up on the BOF? Given her clear bias against children and family of this town, it concerns me that she holds an important position to push her agenda forward and influence how money is spent. if money is being steered away from family oriented assets, I really worry about the long term reality that New Hartford may no longer be a good place to raise a family.

    • Anonymous permalink

      She ran unopposed. Don’t worry, Heather! We’ve raised kids here, many of us have grandchildren here, and she’ll have her hands full! We have options! Stay with us!

    • Heather, according to Minority Representation rules provided by the State Elections Enforcement Commission, a single party, in this case Republican, cannot have more than 4 out of the 6 seats on the BOF. In the last election, 3 Republicans were retaining their seat, and 1 was up for re-election, Ben Witte. That left 2 other seats, one of which was Dan Charest who has been an integral member of the BOF for many years. The other seat was up for grabs. The Democratic Town Committee put forward Maria Moore as it’s candidate. There were no Democratic challengers to the Republican seats, therefore, the R’s were maintaining their 4 seat majority and could not challenge the Democratic seat. Yes, she was voted in by default. Maria Moore’s term only last for 2 years, not the full 6 due to the seat that she took. That seat was left vacant by a 2 year previous term for someone that was not elected but appointed. I know, sounds confusing. However, the Republicans, as long as they maintain a 4 seat majority, cannot challenge in the next election. But, an Independent party candidate may. If you are interested, please check into this further, and I would be happy to take any phone calls for clarification.

  9. Heather permalink

    Thank for the background and explanation of the process. It is in all our best interest to understand how local government works and to stay involved! Ironically I’m a card carrying democrat.

    • Mike Maloney permalink

      Card carrying Democrat. Perfect! You can run against her next time.

  10. Exactly! The Democratic Town Committee might not support her next go around. I could give you name of the contact person on the DTC.

  11. Heather permalink

    God, no. Finances are not my thing (just ask my husband and financial advisor!). Free ice cream for everyone!!! I’d like to help in other ways though. I like the idea of pushing for an ethics policy. I’m surprised something like that doesn’t already exist.

    • It was discussed when Earl McInnes was First Selectman. One of the comments at the time was that the election process is in a way an ethics policy. If people think you are doing something wrong, you will not be re-elected. Also, keep in mind that a lot of work gets done by volunteers that have a day job. I also work for the State and the oversight of employees is unbelievable. We sign an ethics claus every year. I’m afraid that I will never get that hot tub now!

  12. Heather permalink

    Yes, thanks for the reminder that much of what happens is by civic minded volunteers. Thank you for serving the public!


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