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New Hartford Plus Facebook Page Accuses a Poster of A Personal Attack

by on March 31, 2012

This is a screenshot of a post on New Hartford Plus Facebook Page, where they lie about the deletion of Jessica’s post.  Please see “Blocked by New Hartford Plus . . .”  Jessica details it in her post here, and she has the screenshots to prove it.  I have removed the person’s photo who was asking New Hartford Plus about Jessica.

  • ___________NH+: Who is “Jessica”? I didn’t see any posts from this person and I am trying to follow this situation.

  • New Hartford PlusGina: We don’t approve comments that are personal attacks on residents.  Jessica is well-aware of this, since other members of her family have been informed of this policy in the past.

  • Here is stephaniegorman’s screenshot of her post to Maria that was deleted.

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  1. New Hartford Held Hostage permalink

    Does insinuating Jessica made a personal attack and deleting her post, constitute a personal attack on Jessica? Does in my book. Almost time to call for the resignation of the NH+ editor.

  2. stephaniegorman permalink

    There was no such personal attack. I responded on facebook, but I don’t expect her to leave it up, nor do I expect to be allowed to post again. For the record, I have made no personal attacks, and I also have a screenshot of my post. To my knowledge, contrary to her response to Gina, nobody in my family has attacked anyone, and her post about Jessica is a blatant lie. I just want her tell the truth.

  3. Krista Maloney permalink

    Jess’s post removed for a personal attack against a resident? Maria is the editor. She was being corrected, with evidence to support the correction. I’m tired of her defamatory attacks against my family, against the football program, and against the town officials who support youth sports.

  4. Gina Maroney permalink

    I am the “Gina” on NH+ Facebook page who asked the question. I saw Jessica’s post on this site where she explained the chain of events of how she got blocked from NH+’s Facebook page. I HAVE been following this situation but if I hadn’t been, Maria’s censorship of her blog/Facebook page and inaccurate reporting can be misleading to other residents. I wanted to see what Maria’s response would be. I guess we all found out. I have to agree with Krista…I believe it was the editor who felt like she was being attacked instead of being corrected.

    • stephaniegorman permalink

      Thank you, Gina! I’m glad you were following. I don’t know you and I didn’t want you to feel like I was dragging you into anything. I apologize if I made you feel like you had to respond.

  5. stephaniegorman permalink

    … and just like that I’m banned and my comment is gone. Can’t say I didn’t warn myself!

    • Feel free to post your screen shot and the non-threatening post.
      We know it doesn’t belong to New Hartford Plus once it hits Facebook! 🙂

  6. Randy permalink

    My post was also deleted from NH+ I was the 1st to respond- telling people to come this web-site to look for comments and rebuttal but Maria deleted my post and added many words to please her self

    • stephaniegorman permalink

      Thanks Randy, for telling people to come here, and for your response!

      Here is a little background. She really has left us no alternative but to put any rebuttals here on this site. Originally this blog was going to be just for fun, giving us all an outlet for our hobbies, town events and kids’ sports coverage. We started sticking up for ourselves because there is no other public forum to let people know the truth, since we’ve been banned from defending ourselves on her facebook page. Her first “introduction” to NHB on her site was degrading and inaccurate. Of course she won’t allow us to post on her site either, so rather than let her give people the impression that we make personal attacks, are unfair, dishonest, or have forced her to seek legal counsel, we’ve posted our concerns here. We know that we’re not alone in this, and the last thing we wanted to be is divisive. This really has been forced on us by a “town news” source riddled with half-truths to fabrications when it comes to youth sports, which has always been close to our hearts. This town deserves better, I think.


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