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March Leaves With a Reminder of Winter

by on March 31, 2012








A little reminder of winter weather greeted us this morning, and I have to say it isn’t unwelcome.

Weather like this sends me to the kitchen.  I need to cook on days like today.  Today I will pull out the enamelled cast iron pots and whip up a couple of winners.  Pictures to come.

I’m starting with pea soup, I don’t have my own recipe for that so I’ll skip the share.  That’s not a favorite around here with anybody but me, so I’ll have some and bring some to my parents.

The other is a winner, and I can entice most of the kids over with it – what I call “Favorite Beef Stew.”  In it I combine a beef stew that Mom used to make before we started adding beef broth instead of water, several of my own spice combinations, an addition of pancetta, turnip, red wine, and I cook it in the oven, in an enamelled cast iron pot, a trick I learned from one of my favorite Food Network Chefs.

By this afternoon around 2:00, the aroma in here will make this snowy day one of my favorites.

Stay tuned!


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  1. momgoose72 permalink

    I love both pea soup and beef stew. Would love to have your beef stew recipe if you will share.

    • It will be up this afternoon in separate post! I’ll posts the recipe, then edit later to show the finished stew. 🙂


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