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Your Own “Personal Best”

by on March 24, 2012

Personal Best Fitness Training is a fitness gym located in Marandino’s Plaza on Route 44 in New Hartford.  It is owned and operated by Tim Calder, a young and energetic fitness enthusiast.  Tim has his Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine from Springfield College.  He has considerable experience working with sports injury rehabilitation and personal training. 

Tim grew up in New Hartford, and went to school with our daughters, played basketball with the old guys in pickup games for adults at night at local schools.  It was exciting to hear he was opening Personal Best Fitness Training. 

Tim has been a Personal Trainer for over eight years.  He can design a program based on your individual fitness goals.  He can help you assess where you are and guide you to where you want to be.  He sets up the program, teaches you a routine you can stick with, and adjusts it as strength and endurance improves.   He told me that when an individual says to him, “Hey, thanks, I can take it from here,” that he’s done his job.  Tim’s clients range from 13 to 86.  You’re never too old to start a fitness routine. 

If you are in need of personalized diet and nutrition programs, he can give you a referral, and says he’ll usually send you to Kristen Van Wormer, who has her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Diet.  I met Kristen at the gym.  She was doing squats and steps on a box nearly 2 feet high.  I needed a nap after watching.


Tim has a broad range of group workout classes and fitness equipment.   The windows are lined with a range of colorful exercise balls.  His classes include Yoga, Pilates, Spin Classes, Shadow Boxing, Aerobic/Strength training combinations, and several other activities.  

I watched the end of a Stretch, Strength and Stabilize class.  This is no place for slackers.  They do a 90 minute workout, and the stretch at the end looks very good for increasing flexibility.  Tim was leading the class, and it was clearly a great workout, judging by the enthusiasm of the class afterwards.

I watched Krista’s Spin class set up their bikes and start their routines, and took a few shots of them.  I have heard a lot about spinning, but that’s an article for another day, by another person, hopefully the person who leads the class.  I know only that it’s an indoor cycling exercise routine with bikes that have adjustable resistance, so that you can tailor the workout to your own abilities.  Krista says nobody will know what your bike’s tension is on, so she tells you to use the tension adjustment to make the workout your own.  She says even I could do it.


It was clear talking to Tim for that few minutes, that he has a passion for helping people become stronger and live better.  It’s nice to see a young person so enthusiastic about exercise.  The people are friendly, and seem very knowledgeable.  Like he said “We’re not solving the world’s problems, we’re just getting some exercise.” 

Check him out and if you want to get in shape, or get in better shape, Tim’s gym is right here in New Hartford.  It’s a place to meet folks who become friends, and support each other in their fitness goals. 

Tim’s website lists class schedules and prices, and explains individual training programs.  


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  1. Dotty Craig permalink

    I have been a fitness enthusiast for over 30 years, have taken many classes and belonged to many gyms. This is the best fitness facility I have ever been a part of. Tim Calder is the best, the atmosphere is supportive and non-competitive. Listen to what says, do what he asks and you WILL be your best!

  2. I saw that today, Dotty. An amazing atmosphere!


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