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by on March 20, 2012

It has been said that one of the posts from this publication has been removed.  That is not the case, and if you are looking for the post where Mike writes about his discussion with a woman who is walking an unleased dog at Brodie Park South, please go to the link on the Recreation Commission Meeting at the Beekley Library and scroll down to the comments.  That’s where it was posted, and it remains.


Sharon Wilbur


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  1. stephaniegorman permalink

    It is also mentioned in your post “Show Yourselves, FoBPS” and it is still there. Neither mention has been taken off of this blog at any time.

  2. Krista Maloney permalink

    I informed New Hartford Plus twice that the post remained, and twice my post has been taken down. I asked why my post was removed, since it was honest & respectful & broke no rules. I have not received an answer or seen a retraction. I have been trying to get factual statements posted on New Hartford Plus for over a year now. I’m sure that there are some people in town that appreciate the slant, but to the readers looking to make up their own mind, that outlet is doing them a disservice.


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