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Show Yourselves FoBPS!

by on March 15, 2012

To date this group seems to prefer to remain anonymous.  They don’t have a “group” as they have no published intent, or bylaws, and I suspect their motives.

I’m betting they have a mouthpiece in town, one which has no problem fabricating items within their stories, and since have never been called on it, why not?

My 3 year old grandson was at BPS with his Dad this morning.  His Mom is a nurse at Hartford Hospital, in a trauma unit, and she works nights.  She was asleep.

My grandson is terrified of dogs and the first thing he is met with is an off-leash dog, which is illegal anywhere in New Hartford.  I was not aware that Brodie Park South was a dog park.  This encounter is posted by my Son-in-Law as a reply to yesterday’s post, because NH+ doesn’t post items that are contrary to their agenda.  This leads me to believe that NH+ is part of Friends of Brodie Park South.

Today, NewHartfordPlus insinuated that football got preferential treatment in the use of Brodie Park South because the First Selectman’s son was involved.

I spoke to Dan Jerram after the meeting, while introducing my grandson who DOES play football.  Dan said his son didn’t play, so we switched to baseball.  His son is not enrolled in the football program, and I checked with someone from football today, and they don’t think he was ever enrolled.  That seems to me a clear attempt to insinuate a preference to football, and malign the First Selectman.

I am tired of the way this publication can fabricate posts to their own advantage.  They are not impartial.

Friends of Brodie Park South, show yourselves.  Introduce yourselves.  Come forward, and face the light of day.

Sharon Wilbur


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  1. stephaniegorman permalink

    One has to wonder if NH+ understands the consequences of lying about a public figure in a public forum to forward an agenda. That’s libel and will hold up in court should that person decide to file suit.

  2. New Hartford Mama permalink

    Let’s not forget the pictures of garbage bags lying in the snow, months after football had vacated the premises, which the omniscient reporter of NH+ reported as evidence of football littering. Silly, since football practice doesn’t generate bags of trash, and players use the trash cans that are at the parking when necessary. Also, the false assertions that football was responsible for modifications in the park, which when refuted at town meetings & in a public written response from our First Selectman were never corrected. FoBPS are not overly concerned with accuracy either, as evidenced by the volume enhanced video presentation that they brought to a recent rec. meeting. It’s hard to respect a group’s point of view when they have so little respect for the merits of their argument that they must fabricate evidence and manipulate the release of information to bolster their claims.

  3. alesiakennerson permalink

    Dan told Maria that he wants a retraction printed regarding his son playing football. She said she had 3 credible sources claiming that his son broke his hand playing football. The son in question was playing football during recess at school. The son in question was never enrolled in organized football. This is what NH+ does best, gets a glimmer of the truth and makes assumptions about that, and prints it as truth.

  4. stephaniegorman permalink

    It really is unfortunate, because NH+ does a good job covering other town news. The clear anti-kids’ football agenda is a serious drag on their credibility. Once you destroy trust, it’s nearly impossible to get back. I would say that Dan would be a more reliable source, seeing as the child she lied about is his. I’m stunned that she would argue sources with the ultimate source, who has the law on his side, to do something about it… Just wow.

  5. alesiakennerson permalink

    I wouldn’t say she out and out lied, she ran with a kernal of truth (playing football). But to not even ask the people directly involved (Dan), and run the story is reckless. I also have been on the receiving end of this misinformation in the past, and NH+ would never correct any errors that I pointed out. I gave up trying to ever get my point across, because they never want to hear any dissenting opinions.

  6. Maria and New Hartford Plus have taken the high road, and I thank them. Retraction and apology issued.

    She does great work with local news, and I hope she continues.


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