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Seems People Forget the Reason for Conservation

by on March 15, 2012

From the back of my mind this song from Cat Stevens jumped to the front. 

So many in New Hartford have no idea for whom we protect the land, and Cat Stevens has a reminder.  

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  1. alesiakennerson permalink

    From the first time that this situation came to light, I thought, how can people possibly object to kids playing a sport in a park? Wouldn’t they rather support the kids in outdoor activities instead of trying to shut the activity down? There are too many instances when kids are not supported in outdoor endeavors, and there are too many opportunities for the kids to find drugs. We, as parents, try to find as many opportunities to involve our kids in enriching activities to help them grow into responsible adults. Football is one of those activities. And before I get accused of having a child in football, I don’t. The environment is meant to be enjoyed by people, not just to look at. Yes, we should protect it, and the football group has been cognizant of that fact. The Board of Selectmen have been moving forward with plans to find a place that is more fitting of their needs. We will be pursuing expanding the field behind Antolini School for more field practice use. Brodie Park South will continue to be used by youth sports practice activities, most likely soccer. Rest assured, that the Board of Selectmen have everyone’s best interest in mind, and work towards finding a solution for all involved.

  2. Thank you Alesia. I can’t claim disinterest here, I am the proud grandmother of a Wolverine Mighty Mite running back. I know the kind of support my kids had as children. Back then it was Brown’s Corner with one baseball diamond.

    When I went to my grandson’s first T-ball game when he was younger, I looked at what Browns Corner had become. I was proud. I was happy, that this community develops full human beings.

    I do believe it will be resolved. I thank you for working to continue the traditions that helped to make my kids responsible, intelligent, and caring adults.


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