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Recreation Commission Meeting at Licia and Mason Beekley Library

by on March 14, 2012

There are problems with the rules as written in 1987 (who’da thunk?) and they need to be revised.  Everyone agrees.

I have some questions about the process and will address the questions to appropriate parties and give you the answers when I get them.

There is to be a special committee to work together to come up with recommendations to revise the rules, from representatives of the various interested parties.  There will be two representatives from the Rec Commission, two representatives from FoBPS, and two reps from NHYFC.

Will the Recreation Commission then vote on and serve them up as a finished product?  Will there be opportunity for public comment, recommendations, and voting?  I will find out where it goes from here, and will let you know.

I was uncomfortable with the constant willingness of the Recreation Commission to want to grant exceptions to the rules for the activities they approve, or that will cause them the least amount of grief.  If the new rules provide that these activities have to be approved by the Recreation Director, I am not comfortable at all.  I have seen first hand how that stuff goes.

Are we at a place where interested parties can become comfortable?  I don’t think so.  The resolution may be in the works, but there should be input by folks outside of the Recreation Commission, and outside of this special commission.

Recreation Commission meets 1st Wednesday of each month.  I will check on and post information on times for  meetings of the special commission that has yet to be appointed.

Stay tuned, and please stay involved.


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  1. Mike permalink

    I tried to comment at NH+, on this morning’s post concerning the park regulations and the Friends of Brodie Park Souths fight against rule breaking. Unfortunately, as usuall they will not post anything that isn’t complimentary to their agenda of ending youth sports in New Hartford. Here is my comment, I hope you will post it:

      I find it interesting that the Friends of Brodie Park South formed to help the town with those breaking the park regulations.  I was at BPS this morning with my 3 year old son.  We ran into a woman, with whom I believe from our interaction to be a member of FoBPS, and she was breaking regulation #10, No Dogs.  My son was approached by the unleashed dog in the park which frightened him.  He no longer wanted to play, but now wanted only to be carried.  I took a photo of the dog and the woman out walking the dog.  She inquired as to why I was taking a picture, and I informed her that it was my understanding that dogs are not allowed in any town parks per Rec Commission regulations.  She told me that, it wasn’t against the rules and that BPS is a great place to walk a dog.  I agreed that it’s a great place to walk dogs, but told her I didn’t make the rule.  I also told her its a great place for kids to play football.  She disagreed, telling me that football was ruining the environment.  What good is an environment that can’t be used for young children to run & play. I was just thinking that its quite hypocritical to try to enforce the rules on others while you’re breaking them yourself.  Something to think about. 

    • stephaniegorman permalink

      Football ruins the environment? Okay, now THAT is funny! Sounds like a deflection away from her having a dog off-leash in a public park.

      • They're Cutting Down All Of The Trees!!!!! permalink

        No, it is the direct effect of another blog that has told the public that youth sports are forcing the Town to cut down old trees and mow more of the tall grassland that is great bird and butterfly habitat. Although the truth has come to light in numerous public forums that it was in fact the Town that requested the pruning of a few branches due to an invasive ivy that was killing them, and the grass was not being cut at all. Youth sports had no part in it. But would someone who runs an agenda laden blog ever correct misinformation that they spread? I think anyone who occassionally reads and tries to comment knows the answer to that…

  2. Mike permalink

    Here is the reply that I got from NewHartfordPlus, on their rejection of my comment:

    “Thank you for submitting your comment. Please direct it to the town department that regulates the use of town parks, since they would be able to give you official information regarding the use of town facilities. We appreciate your interest, NewHartfordPlus Crew”

    I hope that we will not see the same censorship of dissenting opinion on the NewHartfordBeacon as we constantly see on NewHartfordPlus. It would be wonderful to have a place that honors debate, rather than pushes a one-sided agenda.


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