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A Small Group Forces a Radical Change

by on March 12, 2012

Like a bad headache that never goes away, Friends of Brodie Park South attended another Recreation Commission meeting, and forced a decision by the Commission to “Reaffirm the rules of Brodie Park, and extend them to all other parks in town under the control of the Commission.”

You can read the rules here – 1987_Park-rules-revised.

Take specific note of Regulation Number 11.  Ask yourself how they will be able to hold Farmers’ Markets in summer, or allow ice skating in winter at Chapin Park if there is no designated parking area, and all parking takes place on adjacent town roads.

If there is no parking allowed except in designated areas, how will they hold New Hartford Day, Summer Concerts, or any other events that allow parking on the grounds in fields at the park, outside of designated parking, or have overflow parking on town roads because the parking areas are inadequate?

It would now seem that the Recreation Commission would rather put the children inside at their computers or video games when lack of light in the fall or winter forces an end to their athletic activities.

Goodnight New Hartford.


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  1. Steven Roth permalink

    I couldn’t agree more. Isn’t it about time we demanded that the rec. commission acted in the interest of the towns recreation needs instead of their own comfort. They have been harrangued into making a ruling that, if enforced, will cause many of the town’s most beloved activities to be cancelled. This from a commission that oversaw the failures of the field house, the septic system at Brodie Park, the contamination of the water at Brown’s corner. If the commission refuses to lead perhaps it’s time to move aside and make room for those that will.

  2. Little Bee permalink

    Then they better start enforcing ALL of these rules then. I specifically like the rule stating that ONLY New Hartford residents can have stickers, that one is NEVER enforced. Is it because they charge so much more money for the stickers? They are making money and that is ok? They also NEVER enforce the lifeguard only swimming time, I have seen people parking in the main lot by the Hall and walking to the beach to swim in the evenings while Karate is going on. Also, how about all the enforcement of people not being allowed to have pets in the park? They are constantly there, during concerts, walking, pooping and not having it picked up by their lazy owners. I personally don’t see the problem of the football teams using the property as long as they, and the parents, are being respectful and cleaning up after themselves. If the parking has been an issue, have a trooper give a few tickets and people will get the picture. These grounds are for ALL New Hartford residents to enjoy, not just a select group of people who want to impose their own opinions on the rest of us. Were they never kids, or do they not have kids and therefore don’t care about the positive direction organized sports provide?

    • A football mom & park lover! permalink

      There was a lawsuit back in Greenwich in approx. 1998 in regards to restricting access to a town beach. (I am greatly summarzing here!) The Supreme Court ruled that towns couldn’t restrict access based on residency. It would be illegal to restrict access to the park, but towns are allowed to impose different fee schedules for use.

      I’m on your side here with all residents being able to enjoy the parks. If all sides would make some concessions, we could make this work. There is no reason we can’t all just get along and share the space, but keeping nonresidents out of the park/beach would put us into a court case we’d never win.

      The existing rules are obviously outdated and need to be revisited.

  3. Football MOM permalink

    Little Bee says it all! These kids are going to turn to drugs, video games, laziness, they aren’t going to be able to hold jobs as adults, due to not being able to work as a team. I would much rather see them playing organized team sports than smashing mailboxes!!!!


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